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1620 USA – Operator Cargo Pant

1620 USA started life as Made in USA workwear brand, but like others in this space realized that some of their customers were military and law enforcement members who had chosen their clothing for both low viz assignments as well as off-duty wear. They’ve responded by creating some clothing more tailored to that crowd.

The Operator Cargo Pant is made of 4-way stretch Tweave and integrates low profile pockets as well as double knees.

– Gusseted crotch
– Durable water/oil/stain repellent finish
– Low profile cargo pocket with bellow and two way flap
– Extra-large zippered back pocket with angled top for ease of entry
– Left hand watch pocket compatible with XL size mobile device
– Military-spec shank button
– YKK zippers
– 3/4″ wide belt loops
– Modern fit

Fabric woven in the USA | Pant sewn in the USA

Available in Grey or Khaki, waists 30-40.

34 Responses to “1620 USA – Operator Cargo Pant”

  1. jellydonut says:

    274 dollars????

    Yes, they’re made in the US, but are they sewn by engineers?

    This is beyond. Pants are a wear item.

    • cat_blaster says:

      This material is the best in the world. It is twice the durability of anything made anywhere in asia.
      These look awesome. Watch out arcteryx.

      • Kango says:

        Cat…Durastretch is used by many companies including Arcteryx.

        • cat_blaster says:

          thats a tweave 4 way, either 520e,p,or Z. Looks like E = the best.
          Stuff is bomber. Doesnt feel like it but its air textured cordura yarn. Arcteryx substitutes the everest in their asian stuff, pretty much crap in comparison.

      • jellydonut says:

        I’m sure, but pants need to be washed. In my experience no pants material can withstand washing for long enough to justify paying 274 dollars for them.

        Then again I have never bought pants for 274 dollars so maybe this material really is that amazing.

        • Joe says:

          With the tacticool tech millionaire crowd maybe, everone else who works for a living, who actually shoots a gun for a living will be shopping elsewhere.

    • Richie says:

      Regarding price, keep in mind this is the same material as the arcteryx gen 2 combat pants ($350), but in a design with different pockets, reinforced knees, real pant sizes (this part is huge), and no “look at how expensive my pants are” logo, all for $75 less, I think they have a winner here

  2. b_rawrd says:

    Damn these look great. Like something that would look decent off the range too. Price too high for my Army paycheck regrettably.

    • Stefan S. says:

      Agreed. I can buy a bunch of LA Police Gear Atlas Tactical Pants in various colors and I won’t cry if I rip them. But Tacticool and Gucciflague add to the adage about a fool and their money…

  3. cat_blaster says:


  4. Sasquatch says:

    I don’t mind the price, so much as the:

    Spend $275 and get 15% off.

    Pants – $274

    Very sneaky. Hopefully they count tax and S&H towards that $275 Total.

    • Kango says:

      Hahaha that is dirty. That kind of puts me off on the company.

    • Alpha2 says:

      That is straight lame.

    • John says:

      Nope, the discount doesnt apply. It has to be at least $275 when in the cart. I just added it, and no discount applied. Then i added another random item, and the discount applied. It sucks that the company would make it so obvious. They should have at least made the pants 10-20 dollars cheaper to avoid the complaints they are possibly going to get, over $1.

  5. TylerC says:

    low cuz is new. its black ops with your bros, bud

  6. mark sullivan says:

    stuff is off the charts. its all i wear now, owners are solid dudes. no need to troll

  7. Josh Walker says:

    We also make pants that sell for $100, our gear is on the level of an Arctery’x LEAF product, and it is not cheap to make these pants with these fabrics, it is best of the best type stuff not for everyone. It is not supposed to be.
    We are just two guys. We do not own our own manufacturing, this is what it costs to make pants like this. Are we charging $700 for tactical pants? No. But those price points exist.
    Yes, Carhartt has a duck canvas USA pant for $50, so does 5.11 and they are a great brands that can afford to make a lot less margin on that product, and they own manufacturing facilities. We respect the hell out of them, Carhartt sold more American made pants than almost any brand, ever. We are doing our thing and guaranteeing our products as well. (if you buy these and blow them out we fix or replace for the lifetime of the garment!) Our fabric lasts that much longer than canvas, so when you go through a lot of canvas pants (as some of our customers do), you can spend more $ in the long run. We both have long careers making things overseas, could we have done this in aisa and made more $? You bet your ass, but we chose not too. Why use knock off Tweave fabrics, when Tweave is a New England brand, why not support them?? We chose to source fabrics locally and sew locally, and support our community and other American businesses and workers. At the end of the day, in the 60’s 99% of the clothing you bought was made here, in the 90’s still almost 50% of the clothing you bought was made here, now it is less than 2%. We can barely sew here anymore.

    You can hate on price or discount (what are we supposed to do, give you 15% for just coming to our site??) trust us we are seasoned and have heard it all. But when you get the feedback on our product and see people wanting to step up and spend more supporting us, and read the emails thanking us and see the groundswell of support for US made, well that is what it is all about. I mean how many times have you dropped $200 on a Friday night on the sauce? 🙂 If any of you guys have any questions or want a discount as an active member of Law Enforcement or Military, or just hate on us, hit me up [email protected]

    In the end we appreciate the engagement here and we are adults, we can take it but we are in it for the right reasons, trying to make gear in our home state with US fabrics and back it with a guaranteee.

    • Lasse says:

      I mean pants look nice, your mission is fine and price is correct, but your claim that you make clothing on par with Arc’teryx isn’t correct. I can tell from a photo on your website that your gear isn’t as closely inspected (or have the same tolerance) as them. Nor does 1620 have a track record to back up a claim like that. Big deal? Nope. I’m just here nitpicking..

      • mike says:

        What picture would that be? It’s not about the name on the tag or the cost of the facility it’s made in. It comes down to the materials used and the skill of the person constructing them.

        • Lasse says:

          Exactly. Would a skilled operator or an extreme QC allow crooked bartacks? Rear view of the operator pant on their site, right belt loop. The black photo is higher res than the khaki (it’s the same photo just colorized).

          Does it matter to the user? Nope.
          Does it matter when you compare yourself to Arc’teryx and their QC standards? Sure.

          • mike says:


            I checked and have no idea what you’re talking about. All the bartacks I see in the photos are fine. What’s crazy though is you making a statement about how the quality of this company’s product is inferior to another based off one photo. You have never even been in the same room as one of their products let alone touched and actually inspected the quality by hand. I own Arcteryx, does it have bartacks that are not 100% perfectly straight or centered? YES

      • Stephen says:

        There stuff looks to be priced along the same lines as Beyond, and looks good to go for sure! But to say from a pic that you can tell that QC isn’t on par with Arc’Teryx is f**king hilarious, and tolerances? i mean really??? like are you going to articulate further on why or …. that’s right, you got nothing because there is nothing to say at all! like what Mike below said, materials and the person sewing is what counts. And your eagle eye that saw nothing but a troll comment isn’t! But damn am I sick and tired of hearing the cheap bastards here, go be cheap elsewhere and don’t ruin a good product based on the zero experience you have with them or anything related, SSD reminds you peasants a few times a year to keep your “too expensive ” comments out of the commentary yet here we are again… Some of you i swear just want to rant but in the end you are the ones that look like asses fyi, your point resonates with no one who gives a damn so keep your bs to yourself.

        • Lasse says:

          Reading is fundamental… I said the price is correct, and I can say that with good knowledge of the amount of work that goes into producing pants. As an example, the company I work for also has ~$250 stretchy hiking pants and jackets up to $1120.

          If you want to understand how you can learn to spot the differences in acceptable tolerance in various products, then the article on P&S named “What is quality” is a great start. It contains a lot of photos so even someone who obviously doesn’t read can see the difference between top tier and bottom of the barrel. Now that you have read/looked at that article, do you understand that it is possible for someone to do the same based on photos? Most people probably can’t and have no interest, but for us retards with an unhealthy obsession in textiles can.

          To summarize: My ONLY gripe is the claim that they make product on level with Arc’teryx. Because no one does and the entire industry knows.

          • cat_blaster says:

            Lasse, can you provide a link to this? I’m having trouble finding the site you mention.

    • Joe says:

      The primary customers for $700 pants ( aka SOCOM) don’t actually pay $700 full retail. Keep that in mind when you say you’re a bargain.

  8. Done says:

    Fucking peasants. It’s always the same with you cheap bastards. You bitch because something is made in China and then when you are confronted with a quality, American made product you bitch about the price.

    Nobody cares that you are a cheap fuck. Go shoot Wolf ammo through your high point carbine while wearing a flannel shirt you bought at Walmart. It’s not like you will ever actually need a product you can depend your life on.

    • NPC says:

      Best comment of the night….

    • Greg K says:

      Exactly, everything in a Capitalist society is priced accordingly, if you bitch about that you’re dipping into Marxoid ideologies, nobody quacks off about Bentley or Koenigsegg not catering to their daily driving needs.
      Durastretch is some seriously feature packed stuff, any polycotton blend pales in comparison, you pay for performance, but you’ll only truly appreciate it if you are engaged in actions requiring it’s attributes.. No biggy.

  9. Joe says:

    The primary customers for $700 pants ( aka SOCOM) don’t actually pay $700 full retail. Keep that in mind when you say this is a bargain.

    • Joe says:

      Professionals who use things at a $700 pants price point, don’t spend their paycheck on it, they spend their unit’s budget on it, and have powers that be that don’t question when they say they need the best, price be dammed. It’s another ball of wax when you’re selling to individuals retail.

  10. Racer X says:

    Josh, great commentary, you’re spot on in my opinion. Keep doing what you’re doing and grow the brand. Haters will hate, use their hate as fuel and continue to with the dream. Just remember you have people willing to help you guys out, take their feedback, networking opportunities and stay the course.

  11. Dellis says:

    Way over built pant for the mere civie/range rat me thinks….BUT I will still buy a pair or two and tell my wife, “But hun, it’s American made!”