The RagnarokSD from T.Rex Arms

Centerville, TN — T.Rex Arms has just released the RagnarokSD, a new OWB holster for the easy carry and rapid deployment of suppressed handguns. The SD supports a wide variety of weapons and suppressors, and its unique shape allows a user to draw and fire the weapon in the same short vertical motion common to standard OWB holsters.

The Ragnarok SD is precision-formed from heavy-duty .125″ Kydex, and is further strengthened by structural ribs that provide a more secure grip on the Surefire X300 series weapon light. The suppressor is braced by vented Kydex wings, which can be modified by the user to support the outside diameter of any can.

While this is a passive-retention holster, with no hood, strap, or button to release the firearm, the retention is fully adjustable. The holster requires the use of an X300U or X300V weapon light, but is available for all Glocks and various Sig, M&P, HK, CZ, FN, and XD suppressor hosts.

The back of the holster features the company’s Ragnarok mounting system, which is compatible with accessories from Safariland, Bladetech, Blackhawk, G-Code, S&S Precision, and others, allowing it be run with countless quick-detach systems, paddles, and offset mounts.

Like all Ragnarok holsters, the SD is modular, tough, and fast. Regardless of the configuration used, the weapon can always be deployed with a drawstroke of less than 6″. It is can be ordered now in Black, Ranger Green, Wolverine Brown, Multicam Original, and Multicam Black.

Base MSRP: $75

Questions: [email protected]

T.Rex Arms is a family-owned company in Middle Tennessee, providing innovative Kydex holsters, nylon products, weapon accessories, medical supplies, and training aids.


18 Responses to “The RagnarokSD from T.Rex Arms”

  1. dingus says:

    is he 12 years old?

    • jbg says:

      I was going to say something about that but he can definitely outshoot me so there is that. I also considered that it might just be that I am getting so old that he looks young. So I decided it is better to keep my thoughts to myself.

    • Isaac T.Rex says:

      No… but it wasn’t that long ago that he was!

  2. mike says:

    If you were to hit the magwell while the gun was holstered wouldn’t it flip out of the holster forward?

    • regg says:

      looks like the weapon light would prevent that from happening unless it was also lifted up at the same time

    • JM Gavin says:

      I have a similar product made for me by 2a Holsters a while back (a custom order). If the T Rex is like the 2a Holster model I have (which the pic looks identical), the holster indexes around the light, so the weapon must be unholstered enough for the light to clear.

  3. Ross says:

    Well outstanding, just outstanding.

  4. SpartanDieselTech says:

    Is there going to be a version for the x400v?

  5. Nick C. says:

    I currently only own an Osprey as a pistol cal suppressor, which this will not work for.

    I’m interested in the retention of the system, similar to what was noted prior it would seem easy to disconnect, but it may just look that way.

    I would assume that running this during a day you’re just doing pistol work the wings that touch the suppressor would start to lose their rigidity because of the heat. What kind of testing has been done in relation to this?

    • Isaac T.Rex says:

      Actually, this holster will work with the Osprey, since you can modify the wings yourself. We’ve got a video on how to do that on our website.

      And, despite the fact that you can reshape the wings with a mere hairdryer, they actually hold up against hot cars surprisingly well! We’ve been testing this holster for two years with many suppressors and high rates of fire, and the vented .125″ kydex doesn’t deform.

  6. Joe says:

    Remember when he said .mil personnel would be as good as him if they worked as hard? Remember when he dropped f**got like it was cool? Remember when he sold ineffective kydex holsters that break?
    Pepperidge farm remembers.
    I hear surefire has a solution to this problem that is jump-capable…

    • theDude says:

      sure do

    • Tony says:

      Thanks for standing up to the politically incorrect Joe.
      I’m a millennial on the forefront of Social Justice and it’s brave comments like yours who are helping create safe spaces for our LGBTQ++ folks.

  7. Steak TarTar says:

    Neat option. Armordillo and Surefire do it better tho

  8. lurker says:

    Hey refers to his primary weapon as “carbine” and yet it has a arm brace and a VFG. Looks to me like he has made an AOW and owes his $200. Hey could have a registered SBR and be running a arm brace; but that seems unlikely.

  9. PROSEC says:

    Can you please make one for the Maxim 9?