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Wild Things FR Knuckle Roaster Back In Stock

I don’t know about it where you live, but it got cold really quick here in Virginia. It made me start thinking about winter which usually isn’t the case for another two months. I started pulling out coats and other cold weather gear and considering what’s available for others who are going to start asking questions about what’s available. I just found out that Wild Things has the FR Knuckle Roaster Back In stock.

Like the hand warmers used by quarterbacks, the point of the Knuckle Roaster is to keep the fingers nimble in spite of severe weather. It allows you to wear lighter weight gloves in cold weather, to maintain dexterity, by giving you a warm place to put your hands.

It features a nylon, DWR treated outer fabric that provides excellent durability, wind and water resistance. The interior is lined with fleece for warmth and includes a sewn in pocket for disposable hand warmers. The reinforced web belt adjusts to various waist sizes with an easy-to-use buckle. It also includes an exterior zippered storage pocket. Last, but not least, it’s FR.

Wild Things has generously offered a 15% discount for SSD readers by using code “SSD556“. To order, visit www.wildthingsgear.com.

3 Responses to “Wild Things FR Knuckle Roaster Back In Stock”

  1. snowb says:

    “Wild Things” and “in stock”….a rare pairing of words indeed. I will check it out.

  2. Keith says:

    Love my knuckle roaster!

  3. Sk says:

    The original and perfect. From Climbing teams to sitting in a tree stand. Great company and you won’t deploy without it.