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Brigantes Presents – High Angled Solutions – Exped 9xp Sleeping Mat

Sleeping mats have moved a long way from the closed cell foam mats that are still in use in some units. Whilst light and cheap, they take up space and don’t insulate the individual, allowing the cold to penetrate up through the ground and chill the user. The initial response to being colder than expected, is upgrade to warmer, bulkier sleeping bags. This often doesn’t give the expected results, as the insulation under the user is compressed and doesn’t insulate as efficiently.

The answer is to move to a more advanced sleeping mat. Enter the Downmat XP 9, the revolutionary DownMat for extreme temperatures!

The Downmat XP 9 is exceedingly comfortable, extremely warm and packable! This enables the user to carry a smaller, lighter bag. Sleep warm and comfortable, recover and be ready for what lies ahead.

4 Responses to “Brigantes Presents – High Angled Solutions – Exped 9xp Sleeping Mat”

  1. iggy says:

    great quality down but they break, the baffling blows and they turn into big cylinders. ive had 3 replaced and seen another 3 go. shame as they are warm, but too big a risk when its really cold. to their credit they replaced everyone one immediately, but its not really about that.

    • Iggy,

      Thanks for the feedback. Iw ould be interested to know when you had these issues? I know that there has been a lot of work put into these mats to make sure that they are strong enough to take significant pressure. Hope the one you have now is doing the job.



  2. Highland produces lightweight air holding materials made from urethane (TPU) on nylon. Are you manufacturing the Exped 9xp sleeping mat in the USA? I would like to submit sample material for your review. Our material is used in life vests, life rafts, buoyancy compensators, and blood pressure cuffs. Thanks.

    • Peter,

      Thank you for your message. As far as I am aware these mats are not manufactured in the US. The guys will be very happy to speak to you though so please send a message direct to Exped.