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Sneak Peek – DEFCON x Vans MultiCam Black Notchback Pro

DEFCON is proud to announce the long awaited follow up to last years Vans® trio with an expanded capsule built around the new version SK8-HI™ NOTCHBACK PRO in MULTICAM® BLACK.


• Premium Fire-Proof Warrior Suede®
• Water proof treatment on upper
• DRi-LEX lining throughout
• Gusseted tongue
• Military detailing from DEFCON identity to BDU specs
• Custom Vans Ultracush HD footbeds w/ custom artwork
• Hesh Goat embossed heel stamp
• Durable reverse lug outsole and Knurled texture foxing tape

The Footwear is complimented by a range of apparel and accessories available exclusively at DEFCONGROUP.COM webstore which opens 0600 PST SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10th, 2018.

19 Responses to “Sneak Peek – DEFCON x Vans MultiCam Black Notchback Pro”

  1. XC says:

    …setting alarm clock…

  2. JJ says:

    We’ll see how quickly folks break the internet when these drop.

  3. Stash says:

    There goes my Saturday morning, standing outside my local skateshop waiting for them to open.

  4. Alpha2 says:

    Hopefully these are more accessible thru their own website and people who actually want them to wear them can get a damn pair.

  5. Mike says:

    How much are these going to go for?

  6. Are they prepared for DDOS?:)

  7. Mike says:

    How does one go about checking if their local store will get any? Just call and ask?

  8. madman says:

    oh boy i cant wait for them to be sold out at 0905 PST great times ahead!
    that being said Im setting a alarm, after last release of standing in line for over a hour then for teenager and old man and lady to walk out with all the merch and 6 pairs each shafting everyone in line, I really hope they limit the sale 1 per customer. so at least there is some hope for average dudes to cop a chance at them.

  9. Thebear says:

    Damn… I’m no sneakerhead, but damn. ?

  10. Jakethebunny says:

    And sold out already. And they dont post internationally what a fucking joke

  11. J says:

    $148 + shipping….. passed. Could almost buy 2 pair of Altama OTB shoes for that price.

    Sold out within minutes (ALL sizes).

  12. Levi says:

    Sold out in 5 minutes. I had the sneakers in cart, added a shirt and boom. wouldnt let me check out. Been trying for 4 years to get a pair…at this point, I’ll save my money. They’re just vans marked up 150%

  13. Alpha2 says:

    I did not bother with the shirts, had a feeling just adding the shoes was gonna cut it close. I was able to check out and get an order number and confirmation at 0602, as soon as my order was completed I went back and looked, all sold out at 0603, all the black shirts were gone too.

  14. FuckDefconVans says:

    Went to purchase at 06:00 sharp. Took me less than 3 mins to place my size in cart, enter shipping and payment method. Clicked confirm only to get sold out message and unable to check out! I swear people have bots setup to buy up all the stock. It’s fucking impossible to purchase in under 2mins. Now every asshat will post these up for $1000 on eBay or sneaker shops.

  15. Defcon Multicam Black Winner says:

    The butt hurt is phenomenal and the finger pointing saying the bot got them is a whole lot of nonsense. First you had to remove /password to enter the site. I manually inputed my card info. My mac is set up for autofill. My order confirmation posted exactly 0601. Stop bitching you didn’t get a pair. This was by far the easiest drop that DEFCON has done. Better than waiting in line all night to get a pair. All the international guys quit bitching too, they released it in Europe. I tried to get a set in Multicam Black online checked out and paid. The shop then said they don’t post internationally. Did I bitch about that on Defcon and Soldier Systems? No.

  16. TE says:

    I got mine. No bot. Wife reminded me at 0855hrs EST. Got on the site, went and got a cup of coffee, ordered my shoes through DefCon. Didn’t try for any other merch.

    And these are going on my feet. Not on Ebay.

  17. RB says:

    Got a pair. Refreshed my browser at 0900 when the counter hit 00:00. Put a pair in the cart and checked out. No drama and super easy. They arrived Thursday and are the heat! Also going to be worn hard and not put on Flea-bay. Thanks DEFCON and Vans for the bad ass collaboration and Soldier Systems for the heads up.

  18. $aLtY $NoWfLaKe$ says:

    just got both pairs and they are fresh! quality is superb and the collab details are sooper dope. reverse waffle sole, waterproof uppers and defcon labeling, all sum up to a very pair of sneakers. so much salt thrown around, yall dont kno how limited sneaker releases work… there aint no bots, yalls just dont kno what to do when 1000s of other people want this same item and yalls to slow to check out. funny lil children. step yo game up or dont even try. all them haters talking about altamas, bwahahaha LoL no comparo, those are doo doo, staight trash. stop being salty snowflakes! and for those who are saying “2 pairs?” I had my homie jump online and purchase at the same time! #hustle