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Angstadt Arms Introduces SCW-9 Sub Compact Weapon

Awarded Prototype OTA by U.S. Army Sub Compact Weapon Program
Charlotte, NC, (November 14, 2018) Angstadt Arms is proud to introduce the SCW-9 Sub Compact Weapon. The SCW-9 was designed to meet the strict requirements of the U.S. Army Sub Compact Weapon program. At just 14.7” long and 4 lbs., the SCW- 9 provides greater lethality than pistols and much greater concealability over standard rifles. With a rate of fire of 1,110 rounds per minute, the SCW-9 is capable of accurately engaging threats with a high volume of lethal force.

SCW-9 Key Design Elements
• Fully ambidextrous controls, including magazine release, safety selector, charging handle and bolt catch and release
• Accepts GLOCK® 9mm magazines
• 4” barrel with 3-lug adapter for sound suppression
• Ability to fire UTM marking and training rounds
• Overall length collapsed: 14.7”
• Collapsed stock length: 2.5”
• Weight: 4 lbs
• Rate of Fire (approximate): 1,100 rounds per minute

The Shortest Sub Compact Stock System

In addition to 9mm, the shortened stock system developed for the SCW-9 has been tested in both 5.56 NATO and .300 AAC Blackout calibers. This allows any M4 style rifle to reduce its overall collapsed stock length from 7” to just 2.5”. Making it the shortest telescoping AR-15 stock system available.

Angstadt Arms has plans to offer the shortened stock system to other manufacturers who wish to incorporate it into their firearms. A pistol brace version of the shortened stock system is currently in development for the U.S. commercial market.

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5 Responses to “Angstadt Arms Introduces SCW-9 Sub Compact Weapon”

  1. steve says:

    I get interoperability with pistols but does this thing utilise more efficient SMG type magazines- the gun with little pistol type mags looks ugly as sin.
    Scorpion SMG type mags please

  2. Jeff G says:

    “provides greater lethality than pistols” How is that so? it still shoots a pistol bullet? Plus the Army never trains in full auto even with the Mp5 so they will never get the benefit of increased rate of fire.

    • James says:

      A lot of stuff doesn’t show well in paper stats. A closed bolt subgun is much easier to shoot well,, and will put more effective fire on target even in semi.

  3. tcba_joe says:

    Needs more brace.

    But overall pretty cool.