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Leupold Mk 5 – Maybe The Best Scope They’ve Ever Made

After speaking with Leupold at AUSA, I realized that a lot of folks don’t understand that the Mk 5HD is actually a better optic than the Extremely popular Mk 6, in spite of the model number being lower. Apparently, there’s a lot of misconception over the naming convention.

In this case, the higher number doesn’t designate superiority, but rather describes the erector array. The Mk 6 is a six time erector, while the Mk 5 is a five time erector.

Additionally, the front focal plane Mk 5 is relatively new, having just been introduced about a year ago. It’s newer than the Mk6.

The Mk 5 is a 3.6-18×44 optic that is just over 12″ long and has a 35mm tube, while the older Mark 6 is a comparable 3-18×44 scope but is just under 12″ and has a 34mm tube. There is also a 5-25×56 variant of the Mk 5HD.

Featuring the all-new M5C3 ZeroLock adjustments, the elevation dials deliver 30 mils of travel, a full extra 10mm of travel thanks to the three full turns. The scope also comes with a built in throw lever and fast focus adjustable eyepiece.

Below is a side by side comparison of the two optics.

There are several reticle available.

Additionally, the lens surfaces are treated with DiamondCoat 2, an ion-assist lens coating which is actually optimized for higher light transmission.

And by the way, the Mk5 not only offers all of that, it’s also less expensive. So, it’s lighter, has more adjustment, a couple of extra features, and is less expensive. It may well be the best optic Leupold has ever built.


9 Responses to “Leupold Mk 5 – Maybe The Best Scope They’ve Ever Made”

  1. Chuck Madurski says:

    My 5 shows heavier in the chart. 26 versus 23.6 ounces.

  2. Chris I says:

    What do they report as the current % of light transmission to the eye?

  3. Mw says:

    It’s not lighter. 2.4 oz heavier, in fact.

  4. Ck says:

    The lack of illumination on the Tremor 3 model is a deal breaker. Hopefully they release one.

  5. Ercell says:

    The MK 5 is by far the best scope I have ever looked through. I bought on last year and couldn’t believe how nice it was. Clear with plenty of eye relief for searching for prairie dogs. I now own 3 of them. Fantastic scope. No I don’t work for them, just your average shooter, old guy.