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Bravo Company – Cold Harbor Assaulter Carbine


From the pages of the Amazon best selling graphic novels Black Powder Red Earth® the Cold Harbor Assaulter Carbine, built by BCM®, features Cold Harbor laser marked upper and lower BCM receivers with either a KMR-A(KeyMod Modular Rail Alpha) or MCMR(MLOK Compatible Modular Rail) hand guard.


The carbines include a BCM Mod 4 Gunfighter Grip, BCM PNT Trigger, FDE BCM Bolt Carrier and a full BCM polymer accessory package to include a Mod 3 Gunfighter Pistol Grip, Enhanced Trigger Guard, Rail Panel Kit and Mod 0 SOPMOD stock with all polymer hydro dipped in Multicam Black by Joint Force Enterprises.


The weapon system ships with a choice of a 12.5” 5.56 or 11.5” 5.56 Factory Short Barreled Rifle or AR pistol with an SB Tactical Brace(pictured). All uppers are shipped suppressor ready with a Surefire War Comp capping a 1/7 twist 11595E barrel.


Specced with the assistance of US Army Special Operations combat veterans from the BCM Gunfighter Program, the Cold Harbor Assaulter Carbine is the platform of choice for real-world urban and rural applications.

Available exclusively from Gun Gallery Jacksonville here:

Factory SBR

Pistol Variant

Learn more about Black Powder Red Earth at www.BlackPowderRedEarth.com

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14 Responses to “Bravo Company – Cold Harbor Assaulter Carbine”

  1. lcpl1066 says:

    Remember; you never sell a product, you sell a lifestyle.

  2. ptmccain says:

    I know “everyone is doing it” but I’m disappointed to see BCM go this route with stupid hype to sell their ARs. Guess they just have to in order to compete, but kind of a bummer.

    • Crazyfox1138 says:

      I’m confused…they did a collaboration with a comic book company….how is this “everyone doing it”?

    • Jack Griffin says:

      Middle class GWOT millennials love video games and buy guns based on what they see in said video games. It’s how Magnum Research stays in business. It’s how SCARs are sold. BCM might be one of the five of serious-use turnkey modern AR15s but they still need to reach out to the twitch demographic that has been fighting an Orwellian war since 9/11. These dudes want sleeve tats, preworkout and glam guns. Case in point: One zillion tacti-boutique outfits mangling Glock 19s.

      It is interesting that we have a generation of young men that engage in modern warfare deploying, playing video games about modern warfare.

      What should make you sad is that it is nearly 2019 and Keymod is still a thing.

  3. HK says:

    I have a 12.5″ BCM pistol just like this but with a birdcage. Only thing that could make it better is an ELW barrel profile instead of govt.

  4. Rockymountain9 says:

    I’m just excited for the Call of Duty Black Ops 4/Mountain Dew collab special edition rumored to launch at Shot Show!

  5. milllennial shooter says:

    Every retard bitching about millennials buying into stuff like this seem to forget how Automag and 44 magnum revolver sales skyrocketed after Death Wish and Dirty Harry.

    I’d buy this rifle but I’m too busy paying into your social security and medicare that will implode before I’m old enough to also enjoy.


  6. Snake says:

    “M-LOK Compatible Modular Rail” is petty as fuck. Just call it “MMR” like it was in prototyping and keep the shit moving.

  7. Jeff says:

    How can they sell SBRs? Are they not regulated now because of ar pistols?

    • Josh says:

      SBRs were never not sold….. They are an NFA item requiring a tax stamp. Nothing has changed.