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ITS Releases Smaller and More Durable EDC Trauma Kit


[ARLINGTON, TX, 12/3/2018] Imminent Threat Solutions has made the EDC Trauma Kit™ even smaller! Utilizing the TruFlex™ material found in the Boo-Boo First Aid Kit™ and the ETA Trauma Kit™, they’ve reduced the overall footprint. This durable material is more puncture resistant than other vacuum material on the market, which allowed ITS to eliminate the protective outer sleeve from the previous version of the EDC Trauma Kit™.


Featuring a full-size tourniquet, the EDC Trauma Kit™ is designed with a minimum footprint, while still being fully capable of preventing the number one CoTCCC preventable cause of death; extremity hemorrhage. (AKA Bleeding Out) At around the size of an average wallet, the EDC Trauma Kit™ fits perfectly in your back or side pocket and weighs only 7 ounces!


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3 Responses to “ITS Releases Smaller and More Durable EDC Trauma Kit”

  1. Logan says:

    Why pocket trauma kits don’t include CPR Shields is beyond me. Shootings aren’t the only thing you’re going to come across. We also have a huge opioid problem right now, and I came across an OD on the highway. I saved the dude with rescue breaths, not a TQ.

    • Kevin says:

      CPR isn’t Trauma. If you’d like to carry a pocket mask then carry one. I carry a pouch for anything less than trauma related to deal with cuts, burns, CPR etc. This is more for a personal use or to use on others to help the “number one CoTCCC preventable cause of death; extremity hemorrhage.” With it being sealed, I would guess not everyone would want to rip that open just for a CPR mask that they could have just carried or have on hand elsewhere.

      • Logan says:

        Ventilating a patient is a treatment for respiratory arrest, a condition which can arise due to both illness and trauma. A blowout kit is meant to hold all equipment critically necessary to save a life. Therefore, CPR Shields should absolutely be included within. This is to keep all critical medical supplies consolidated and easily carry-able, especially considering that I may be giving rescue breaths to a patient with a traumatic injury after I have stopped all bleeding, secured the airway and sealed all holes.