Arc’teryx Veilance – Modular Layering

15 Responses to “Arc’teryx Veilance – Modular Layering”

  1. ProValore says:

    Modular Layering…or as one Instagram comment noticed; about 7K on the floor.
    SSD, curious to have your insight on the Amer takeover which seems to be moving ahead. You have more of an inside track of the apparel industry and Arc’ than most of us, How do you see things moving forward with the Arc’ brand after all the dust settles.

  2. Rob says:

    That’s it?

    Is this supposed to be new?

  3. Christopher Taylor says:

    Its quite the collection of articles. A little worrysome the picture is black and white. Color wouldnt be a bad thing. Along with sizing for a taller straight fitting frame.

  4. Sentinel says:

    I wonder with what do they defend their huge astronomical prices for a Windstopper?
    Chinese make it for 10$, they probably also make it for arc’teryx.

    But arc’teryx than charges a THOUSAND dollars for what?
    Better stitches?


    • SSD says:

      $10? What are you going to do now that K-mart is going out of business? Seriously, you don’t anything about textiles, do you?

    • crackers says:

      You do realize that the veilance collection is sold at super exclusive retailers for gobs and gobs of money to people who’ve probably never noticed Arc’Teryx at all except maybe for something that their nannies wear?

      Dead bird wasn’t making enough from Leaf, so they figured they’d hit the high fashion market during the last recession.

  5. Someguy says:

    I dont always wear a down vest….but when I do, it’s definitely outside the rain shell.