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Chinese Conglomerate Mascot Bidco Oy Makes Offer To Purchase Arc’teryx, Salomon and Associated Brands

For quite awhile there has been speculation regarding a bid by Chinese corporation Mascot Bidco Oy to purchase Amer Sports Corporation based on Finland which owns Salomon, Arc’teryx, Peak Performance, Atomic, Mavic, Suunto, Wilson and Precor.

Today, Amer Sports issued a statement and supporting information regarding the 4.6 Billion Euro offer, which can be read at www.amersports.com/2018/12/mascot-bidco-oy-announces-a-voluntary-recommended-public-cash-tender-offer-for-all-the-shares-in-amer-sports-corporation. As it is so lengthy, and the forward looking information for this publicly traded company sensitive in several countries, that it’s best left to a link.

To be sure, the implications are significant to the brands in question, as well as the market as a whole. There is no additional information at this time but it’s important to remind readers that any purchase is subject to significant regulatory oversight and would be months away, if it does in fact, happen.

16 Responses to “Chinese Conglomerate Mascot Bidco Oy Makes Offer To Purchase Arc’teryx, Salomon and Associated Brands”

  1. Kevin Larkin says:

    WOW! That doesn’t sound like good news.

  2. jellydonut says:

    European authorities are simply going to continue chewing popcorn as the Chinese hollow out their continent.

    • Jordan says:

      Like you Americans did something else. Money talks, nobody cares about his population or their wellbeing, no public institution and certainly no company. Its called globalisation and will eventually be our downfall.

      You can consider yourself lucky that your president is at least a semi-nationalist, a stark contrast to all the globalist puppets in other western governments.

  3. SGT Rock says:

    If the Chicom’s buy out Amer Sports Corp, I can guarantee you I will not be buying any of their products.

  4. Lasse says:

    I guess that means that Chip couldn’t get lululemon back so he went for Arc instead…

  5. TheScrutineer says:

    Well, there goes the neighborhood.

  6. Strike-Hold says:

    That’s a big chunk of change!

    $5,249,788,841.94 USD

  7. Steak TarTar says:

    Wonder how this would affect the Berry and Trade compliant pieces from Arc and Salomon

    • Ed Hannam says:

      Possibly won’t. After all Amer is German and that hasn’t prevented compliancy till now. That’d be a significant chunk of the acquisitions value. 5.10 is in there too.

      • Tuukka says:

        Finnish, not German

      • crackers says:

        Ed, you’d be surprised…and of course Tuukka is correct.

        anyway, the majority of the acquisition value is wilson and the command from China to win at team sports in the olympics.

  8. Buy American says:

    Everyone getting upset about a Chinese company trying to buy the dead bird. Do none of you realize where 80% of their garments are made? For a small amount more, you could be supporting fellow Americans by buying gear made within our borders.

    • doerr says:

      Actually, very few are going to get really upset. I don’t think most Americans would know what to do with themselves if they couldn’t waddle down the aisle of a big box store or fat-finger an Amazon two-day delivery to buy chicom-made stuff everyday. All the same, thanks SSD for bringing this to our attention. Buy American when you can.

  9. Fritzthedog says:

    Well, there goes the neighborhood.

    ArcTeryx died once….this time may be permanent…..

    And, if this goes through….LEAF is dead.

  10. Bradkaf308 says:

    Well this will get me to stop buying Arc’teryx! I make a strong effort to not support the Chinese economy & F’ck ours. Or f’ck our kids future!