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Mossberg – MC1sc


Mossberg is getting into the sub-compact carry pistol market with the release of the MC1sc. Taking some clear inspiration from other popular carry pistols on the market, the MC1sc is a slimline, sub-compact 9mm pistol with a polymer frame, and flat-profile trigger with integrated blade safety. Both the slide and barrel are stainless steel with a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) black coating. The magazines that come with the MC1sc consist of a clear polymer body with a red follower, and come in 6-round flush fit and 7-round extended basepad configurations.

Safe Takedown System

Unique to the MC1sc is what Mossberg calls the ‘Safe Takedown System’, which requires the user to remove the striker assembly before being able to remove the slide from the frame. The Safe Takedown System also doesn’t require the trigger to be pulled before the pistol can be disassembled.


In addition to the base model, Mossberg is also offering the MC1sc with TRUGLO Tritium PRO night sights, equipped with a VIRIDIAN laser sight, or with an external cross-bolt safety (seen above).


11 Responses to “Mossberg – MC1sc”

  1. jbgleason says:

    Mossberg? Pistol?

    Cats and dogs living together!

    What is going on around here?

  2. Jeb says:


  3. rob371 says:

    Not gonna lie, I kinda like it. In a sea of single stack 9mm does it change the game? No. It seems well thought out and initial testing seems good. Time will tell but it looks like a good start. The make or break will be the price. The MSRP is cheaper than a G43 but unless you can buy one of these cheaper than a Shield I’m not sure how it will do. Either way I’ll take a look at one. G43 mag compatibility is a plus.

  4. mark says:

    I like it, and kudos to Mossberg for making it cross compatible.

    Thats something I’d like to see from other pistol manufacturers – pistols that take existing magazines and sights.

    For example, the CZ P10C was designed as a “Glock Killer,” going so far as to fit most G19 Holsters. It would have really been competitive had it also taken G19 mags and G19 sights.

  5. EODMadBomb says:

    Six rounds?
    Even Glock figured out people want more rounds than your average revolver (although they are only just now doing something about it)

    Cross-bolt safety version?
    Not that I would be getting a version with a safety, but cross-bolt?

  6. HSR47 says:

    “Remove the striker before removing the slide so that you don’t have to pull the trigger…”

    You can do the same thing with a Glock, but why would you want to?

  7. Keith says:

    I had the opportunity to shoot one last Friday and it was not bad… won’t replace my G43 but it might appeal to shooters looking for a cheap single stack that is compatible with G43 magazines. The original Shield is a bargain now at about $270….hard to beat.

  8. Mike says:

    It’s about time Mossberg got back into the pistol market. Pistols make up the lions share of the gun market. I like this single stack very much. It’s fairly compact, sleek, snag proof, smooth contoured edges, easy to disassemble, and they even have a model with a cross bolt safety. What’s not to like. Perfect coat pistol.