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Sneak Peek – VLTOR Modular A5 Buffer Kit

This is the VLTOR Modular A5 Buffer Kit. Featuring simple, tool-free disassembly, it will come with various configurable components, but it is separate from the existing core A5 buffer system.

2 Responses to “Sneak Peek – VLTOR Modular A5 Buffer Kit”

  1. Kyle Kata says:

    I’m going to guess you get two to set up for configurations. That’s cool. If you need one you probably need two. Once you go A5 in one gun you’ll want to on another.

    But please don’t make me buy a stupid waterproof kit with 80% empty space for my carrier weight that I’ll config once. This is wasteful and I don’t want to pay for it. Otherwise, great idea.

  2. P.J. says:

    Makes a lot of sense. One set you can use to tune then buy the appropriate weighted buffer. If you can find it in stock.