Global Ordnance Announces CanMunition

Global Ordnance LLC (GO), ( is a Veteran Owned Small Business that responds to the critical needs of the US Government and its allies worldwide. With over 100 years of combined experience GO is a trusted partner of US Special Operations Command and the US Army, providing them with the products and services they depend upon.

In 2015 Global Ordnance was awarded a 5-year Basic Ordering Agreement by USSOCOM for Ammunition, Weapons, Accessories, & Training. In 2017 GO received a 5-year IDIQ contract from US Army Material Command for Ammunition, Mortar Weapon Systems, & Accessories. In 2018 GO was down-selected to provide the US Army with the STRIBOG AP9 A3S Subcompact Weapon System. Now in 2019, GO is making its debut into the commercial market with its innovative new product…CanMunition® (

• 1959-Beer magnate Bill Coors, frustrated with tin cans and looking for an alternative way to package beer, developed a two-piece aluminum can to sell his product.

• 1967-Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi converted to aluminum cans, establishing the aluminum can as the container of choice for the beverage industry.

• 2019-Global Ordnance launches CanMunition®, an innovative packaging process that provides a dry oxygen free micro-environment, with the goal of establishing CanMunition® as the container of choice for the Firearms Industry.





CanMunition® is Waterproof, Storable, Non-Corrosive, Oxygen Free, Rust Proof and Resealable.


CanMunition® production in underway! Our initial offering will feature: Fiocchi 115gr 9MM FMJ, Fiocchi 55gr FMJ .223 and our exclusive Australian Outback 125gr Sierra MatchKing 300 Blackout.

GO is committed to providing the best quality ammunition in the best packaging available…CanMunition®

15 Responses to “Global Ordnance Announces CanMunition”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    No more having to haul targets to the range. Just bring the ammo, it comes stored in a target now.

  2. tcba_joe says:

    Past the gimmick, I’m not sure the “why”.

    • CanMunition says:

      Once you pop the top and break the oxygen free air tight seal the plastic lid snaps back on to make the can resealable and waterproof.

  3. Thulsa Doom says:

    Aimed at the prepper crowd.

    And rather clever in that all it takes are are standard Ball aluminum cans and a failed microbrewery canning line and a funnel with a low skill worker.

    Water and dust proof is good. Cylindrical shape, not so good for storage efficiency. But I can see these being cached a lot of places to feed Poverty Pony ARs of Three Percenters.

    I also think they’ll be off the market within the year. The fact that the website is just some Fallout dude photo shows me there’s been minimal investment and this was probably born after a few beers and “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” comments….

  4. Stefan S. says:

    Interesting idea. Every vehicle has multiple cup holders.

  5. patrulje says:

    Beyond the gimmick, I think these are marketed to preppers. About the only thing the left out was what diameter of PVC pipe these drop into for caching.

  6. Bad Dancer says:

    Awesome idea. I would love to see them partner with various manufacturers as the end result (and possible theme/print on the can) would make a cool gift.

    The amount of range bags and re-purposed gym, fishing, photography, and tool bags that have a pouch purpose sized for cans and thermoses is another reason to toss it in.

  7. Jack Griffin says:

    Considering the premium price for the novelty packaging, this company would be better to offer legit shooter ammo like 9mm HST, 5.56mm Mk262, etc. Nobody that shoots more than 1k rounds a year wants overpriced Winchester White Box equiv training ammo in a Super Brodawg Mondo Apocalypse energy drink can. As is, this is a stocking stuffer for Fudds or something low information survivalists buy to cache in their Not a Yeti cooler.

    I mean, why do I want this format vs. a sealed battle pack?

    Also: If you buy this stuff, at least recycle the can.

    • P.J. says:

      I don’t think the target audience shoots or even buys premium ammo. That said, this would be alright for storing quality pistol rounds. For rifle, particularly 5.56mm I’d rather have it on stripper clips in a well sealed ammo can. The box kind.

  8. HK says:

    Now I can actually buy a can of whoop-ass.

  9. theo says:

    I like the idea, a lot. I don’t know about price or other issues but I do like the idea. I would love to see these in vending machines at indoor ranges.

    • SamHill says:

      You don’t bring hundreds of rounds to the range when you show up? I wouldn’t even show up to the range for 30 rounds. I need those giant canisters like Brownells sold over the holiday.

      I do agree, this would work for a trendy thing at a public gun range, perhaps not the best for high volume shooters. It takes all types of folks to make a country though, and more power to them! If some walking dead fan turned prepper only has 5 of these when the SHTF then it is way better than zero rounds!

  10. JBAR says:

    Using an aluminum can has a of advantages. There is a world-wide infrastructure for them. The manufacture, transportation, storage, recycling, and availability is already in place. This means it is cheap and reliable. It is also proven. Aluminum doesn’t corrode in general environments. The internals are sealed and can be recapped. There is a good video about aluminum cans here: .