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Safariland Introduces the PROTECH Hi-Viz Shield and DT206C Stand-Alone Type III Plate

Shield provides transparent view eliminating blind spotsCost-effective, lightweight plate stops threatening M855/SS1109 green tip rounds

Safariland Protech_Hi Viz Shield_Back (002)ONTARIO, California – The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety and survivability products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, today announced two new Safariland hard armor products – the PROTECH® Tactical Hi-Viz Shield – a clear type IIIA shield offering see-through visibility for the officer – and a 1.2” thin PROTECH DT206C stand-alone type III hard armor plate for stopping the most prevalent rifle rounds on the market.

“We’re continually working to offer innovative and essential products for law enforcement professionals, said Todd Mackler, vice president hard armor for Safariland. The Hi-Viz Shield offers life-saving ballistic coverage by providing maximum visibility, critical when approaching blind spots such as vehicle windows, doors and searching attics. The DT206C plate offers thinness in a price-competitive product and has the capacity to stop M855 Green Tip rounds, which many type III plates can’t stop.”

Safariland’s Hi-Viz Shield models are made of a polycarbonate composite for clear visibility and allow officers to see threats from a wide perspective vs. a small viewport. NIJ 0108.01 compliant, the Hi-Viz Shield provides ballistic coverage for the critical head, neck and upper chest area and stops 9mm and .44 Magnum LSWCGC rounds for five impacts. The design features a corner radius and is equipped with ambidextrous horizontal grips. When light is needed, it can accept an optional Foxfury® Taker R40 Riot Shield Light sold by Safariland.

The Hi-Viz Shield is offered in three sizes/cuts: 1224, 1224T (both 12” x 24” at a MSRP of $1,100 each) and 924 (9” x 24” at a MSRP of $950) and is available February. MSRP and availability for the Foxfury Taker R40 Riot Shield Light will also be February.

The DT206C plate is a high-performing, lightweight, type III stand-alone plate, effective even against the increasingly common M855 Green Tip (SS109) round. Competitively priced, the DT206C plate is made from a ceramic/PE composite, has a multi-curve design and is just 1.2” thin. A NIJ 0101.06 type III certified plate, the DT206C can defeat six rounds of the most prevalent ammunition on the market including the M80, MSC, M193 and the M855 Green Tip (SS1109). It comes in a variety of sizes which include:

– 8.75” x 11.75” SAPI Small (MSRP: $520)
– 9.5” x 12.5” SAPI Medium (MSRP: $530)
– 10.25” x 13.25” SAPI Large (MSRP: $580)
– 11” x 14” SAPI X-Large (MSRP: $690)
– 10” x 12” Shooters (MSRP: $530)
– 8” x 10” Rectangle (MSRP: $400)
– 6” x 6” Rectangle (MSRP: $270)

The Hi-Viz Shield and DT206C stand-alone plate will be on display at The Safariland Group booth, #12762, throughout SHOT Show 2019 from January 22-25. For more information, please visit www.safariland.com/safariland-body-armor.


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