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SHOT Show 18 – Solkoa M-400R Combat Survival Evasion & Recovery Kit

Last year, Solkoa added their military survival kits to their website which allowed authorized customers to easily access their most popular kits.

This SHOT Show, Solkoa has introduced the M-400R Combat Survival Evasion & Recovery Kit. The bag was designed by EGL.

The contents are listed below, but the R suffix in the model number lets you know that it is a restricted kit due to ITAR.

3 Responses to “SHOT Show 18 – Solkoa M-400R Combat Survival Evasion & Recovery Kit”

  1. Jma says:

    Just wondering… what makes it ITAR?

    • James says:

      Best guess is the IR lighting.

      • mike says:

        Items which are not ITAR alone can become ITAR as a group, especially if sold with instructions, if the group of items could be considered a battlefield advantage for an opponent. It would see that while the components of an E&E kit wouldn’t be an issue to export, simply putting them together and giving instructions for their use could change that designation. Getting a clear answer, especially from lawyers who specialize in ITAR, seems like an impossible task at times.