ORSS 19 – Eigerjoch Lightweight Insulation from Manmut

The Eigerjoch is a lightweight insulation t-shirt weighing less than 100g thanks to the goose down insulation. Super packable, it features laser cut ventilation under the arms as well as a 1/4 zip at the front.

7 Responses to “ORSS 19 – Eigerjoch Lightweight Insulation from Manmut”

  1. iggy says:

    when would you wear this?

  2. Stefan S. says:

    When I’m cold I think….Where is my short sleeve jacket. LOL!

  3. jjj0309 says:

    I’ve never seen an insulated t-shirt before until now. It look’s really odd but I think it would work.

  4. Papa6 says:

    I imagine, that when worn with the appropriate length thermal underwear, it would be very warm.