Schrade MOE Multi-Purpose Demolition Tool

Somehow, the Schrade MOE Multi-Purpose Demolition Tool escaped me when it came out in 2016.

MOE is a 14.75″ multi-purpose demolition tool, forged from heat treated, 1055 high carbon steel with a bending strength of 1843 lbs.

It features a five function head that includes:
-A fire axe
-A spine side hammer
-A beveled pry bar end
-An angled nail pull
-A 1-1/4″ spanner wrench / demolition claw

On the shaft there’s a main gas valve wrench.

The handle is wrapped with 550 paracord and there’s a flat pry bar with nail pull.

3 Responses to “Schrade MOE Multi-Purpose Demolition Tool”

  1. Hubb says:

    Been looking for something like this…I’ll take 2. My only complaint is that sheath…Gerber has a MOLLE compatible sheath for their tomahawk that covers all the sharp parts.

  2. jjj0309 says:

    I have SCAXE5 and it’s extremely high quality. Built like a tank and probably can survive nuclear explosion. My only gripe on Schrade brand is poor quality sheath. Beside that, every Schrade tools I’ve bought were high quality and bulletproof.

  3. Adun says:

    The fact that they didn’t use the abbreviation “PVC” in order to make the sheath sound more cool in the video is hilarious.