Security Pro Show

Security Pro USA is hosting a security and defense expo in May in Piru, California. Admission is with invites only, reserved for the shooting, tactical and security trade and commercial buyers of military, law enforcement and tactical products and services. The show is not open to the public. Contact us if you are eligible and we will provide a unique coupon code you can use to get a free pass to the event. To register as a visitor or an exhibitor, register on

5 Responses to “Security Pro Show”

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Yeah we aren’t trying to go to Kalifornia. We will hold off for a better place where laws aren’t as restrictive

  2. Bobby Denard says:

    Yeah, you not participating in a trade show for professionals that you weren’t going to participate in anyway will really show them.

    • Matt in Oklahoma says:

      Do you know me? Weirdest thing on this particular site. Y’all act like you know me. Yes I’m in “the business” and yes we go to shows. No I’m not a military “operator” but this show isn’t really for that. I’m retired military and no I wasn’t tabbed back then either. I’ve served on 2 tac teams as a LEO.
      We decided not to attend shows in unfriendly places to 2A rights as either vendors nor interested product buyers. Especially with places even giving law enforcement issues about off duty carry. New Jersey is another one. Sadly is sounds like Nevada will make that list too.

  3. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    As small business we have to decide annually because we only get 2-3 shows a year. After a discussion we decided that with the internet information, where we can see anything they display, there is absolutely no reason to support a place like Kalifornia or New Jersey/New York and even kolorado where we can’t carry our weapons with full capacity mags. Well I can still being a LEO though that’s being challenged too.
    We of course will sell to The People (well except for some who need internet warrior attack folks they don’t know)but won’t support the economy.
    I’d like to see more follow that rather than just chase the dollar.
    Are you understanding where I’m coming from Bob or do you need to show me where my comment button hurt you?