Bawidamann x Woobie USA Tribe Throw Blanket Pinup Editions

Woobie USA has introduced several editions of their Tribe Throw Blanket fearing art by renowned pinup artist Andrew Bawidamann. I’ve had one with an SF crest for a few months now and take it camping. The construction is very similar to the issue ponch liner and very comfy.

For the next two weeks, the Pre-order price is $99.95 rather than the MSRP of $109.95.


5 Responses to “Bawidamann x Woobie USA Tribe Throw Blanket Pinup Editions”

  1. Kit Badger says:

    So. Damn. Awesome.

    • Thanks! As an SF dive team guy I was familiar with Andrew Bawidamann’s art. Shortly after launching Woobie USA I reached out to Andrew and this is the result.

      Woobie USA

  2. greg stone says:

    if you cover the girls faces, they look like average buff guys I think this is praying on those sexual nuances

  3. There is also a HALO version not pictured here.