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ASE UTRA: Data Sheets for the New DUAL Suppressors

As promised last week, here are the datasheets and pictures for the new suppressor models which will be displayed at Enforce Tac and IWA.

You could say they feature a flow through design and they are the result of a long product development project and are the best models we have ever developed for assault rifles.

The DUAL556-BL model features minimal ( less than 10% ) addition in bolt carrier speed across different 5.56 weapon types and barrel lengths. The higher end of 20% is only see with extremely short barreled weapons such as the HK G36C with less than 9″ barrel. On this weapon the more traditional suppressor types have 40-50% increase. Data sheet is available at Ase Utra DUAL 556-BL suppressor.


The DUAL762-BL model features c. 5-20% increase across different barrel lenths and weapon types. Data sheet is available at Ase Utra DUAL762-BL suppressor.

Why do they not feature 0% addition on all weapons and barrel lengths? This would greatly compromise not only the sound suppression but also flash suppression on these compact suppressor models.

Due to the design they also feature reduced first round flash and virtual elimination of the muzzle flash on the following rounds.

They are manufactured from 300 series stainless steel and feature a very robust construction.

The DUAL556-BL can pass the U.S. SOCOM Suppressed Upper Receiver Group (SURG) tender stress test requirement with an eight 30 round magazine cycle with a specific rate of fire.

The suppressors feature our proven BoreLock mounting system, a simple but very secure mounting system that also allows easy suppressor removal after extended firing. The mounting system does not allow the fouling to enter beyond the tapered alignment surface.


6 Responses to “ASE UTRA: Data Sheets for the New DUAL Suppressors”

  1. tcba_joe says:

    It truly shocks me that Ase Utra doesn’t have a licensing or stateside production.

    • tangloppen says:

      why? why bother with the american marked?

      • tcba_joe says:

        Largest firearm market in the world. We buy a ton of cans, and I know there’s a large segment of the market that would love another high performance military vetted can option.

        • Sommerbiwak says:

          Civilian ownership of silencers has spread widely in Europe in recent years. Also more and more militatries and police services adopt more and more silencers. Ase Utra Oy has well filled books with orders.

    • Papa6 says:

      Europeans don’t have to have a $200 tax stamp to purchase and they don’t have all the BS regulations surrounding suppressors that we have here in the good ol’ US of A. I.E. it’s considered polite to shoot with a suppressor so one doesn’t bother the neighbors.

      Many of the suppressors sold in Europe would be considered “disposable” here in the States. That’s why many of them are so inexpensive. Would anyone here go through all the trouble to own a suppressor knowing it would only last a few thousands rounds?

      If we can ever get rid of all the regulations here in the States; I think we’d see the European suppressor manufacturers move into our market.

      • JP76 says:

        Well, it depends. If you need a suppressor for a elk or bird rifle, most hunters won’t shoot “few thousands rounds” in their lifetime. That is why there is a market for efficent lightweight suppressors. They really suppress well, but likely fail under constant rapid fire.

        For those who need to put lots of rounds through their rifles, there are durable and naturally more expensive options.

        I have suppressor for almost every rifle I have. Several .22 cans (practically indestructable), one 5.56 lowpressure can for AR’s, one for precission .308 (happens to be Aseutra and can take full auto fire) and one for AK’s in 7,62×39, which is also lowpressure. Lowpressure cans are from other producer, so I don’t mention it here.