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IWA 19 – Savotta Stoves

Finnish brand Savotta displayed three different folding stoves for those who use fuel tabs or natural material while in the wild.

4 Responses to “IWA 19 – Savotta Stoves”

  1. jjj0309 says:

    Those faces kinda reminds me of the brown square monster cartoon, Domo. Very cute. If they make one with the circle eyes from happy face stove and the mouth from big bad stove, I’d buy one.

    • Sasquatch says:

      I was just cleaning out my gear closet yesterday and in the very back I found a Domo plushy thing my brother gave me (for some reason) years ago. Having just seen him I can say it’s an apt comparison.

  2. Ei torilla says:


  3. BM says:

    Is there a US distributor?