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SKD Tactical – PIG HAG Glove

The new PIG HAG, a glove made by skydivers, for skydivers.

-Riser Dive Loop Abrasion Protection
-Silicon Print Palm for Enhanced Grip
-Touchscreen Compatible Synthetic Suede on Every Fingertip
-Wrist Cuff Closure direction Optimal for Relative Wind
-Fold Over Finger Tips for Comfort
-Flex Zones on Each Finger
-Enhanced Grip Protection on Thumb and Forefingers

Offered in Black, Carbon Grey and White in both Men’s and Women’s sizing.


7 Responses to “SKD Tactical – PIG HAG Glove”

  1. Derek Snell says:

    Wouldn’t bother with these. I bought a pair of the original Pig gloves and they fell apart after just a few light uses. By light, I mean wearing them while checking in the equipment on a fire truck in the morning. After the first use, the little grip things on the palm began falling off. After maybe three uses, they split at the seam between thumb and index finger. Just a few more and holes started to appear from wear.

    For a $40 pair of gloves that is a blatant RIP off.
    To get less than a dozen uses out of a glove for that price is just ridiculous.
    I have had Mechanix gloves last 10 times longer.
    Hell, I have had the Hardy (Harbor Freight $5 a pair) mechanic style gloves last 5 times longer.

    Dont waste your money.

  2. SKD says:

    Gents I’m sorry about your experiences with our products. If you wish to discuss this further, please contact us directly at [email protected].

    These skydiving gloves have been in continuous use and testing by skydivers over the past year with excellent feedback and results. Most recently the HAG was worn by most of the US 8 way Gold medal team at the 2018 World Championships. Thank you SSD!

  3. SLG says:

    PIG gloves are high performance tactical gloves. They trade some durability for best in class weapons manipulation. I have been using them non stop since before they came out. They do not last as long as some other gloves, that is true, but they allow you to do things no other glove before them did. I would not choose them for working on a fire truck, or any other “work glove” kind of work. That is what work gloves are for. My PIG gloves tend to last about a month of constant use. That is shooting and related tactical training, almost every day of the month. I don’t use them for moving steel targets around the range.

    Regardless, all gloves fit each of us differently, and if your finger to palm ratio is too far off of the PIG model, you may see different wear than others might. That is true with all gloves, but with thicker work gloves, you usually can’t tell.