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Introducing the Nautilus-Alpha from Terrain 365

Rust-Proof Knife for Serious Use in Water Environments

Terrain 365™ introduces their Nautilus-Alpha knife model Monday March 18, 2019. A heavy duty fixed blade knife made from a solid piece of their Terravantium™ super-alloy, which is impervious to any rust, corrosion, pitting, or staining in any known natural environments. The other significant characterisitc to this super-alloy is its ability to hold an edge longer than any titanium blade alloy found in many dive knives, as well as any known steel blade alloy available. The Nautilus-Alpha is a knife designed for a life around, on, and under water. An oven cured, textured expoxy is applied to the handle and a hand made Kydex sheath with belt clip is included.  The Nautilus-Alpha is made in the USA.

The Nautilus-Alpha-2 will retail for $345.00 and available in black and orange colors as pictured.

“The Terrain 365 Nautilus-Alpha was born from a request made by commercial and military divers for durable knife that simply would never rust, keep an edge longer than any typical blade alloy found in dive knives, and also non-magnetic. Many dive knives use a titaniumn alloy which do perform very well in the area of corrosion, but as most users know, without a special carbidized edge application, titanium blades become dull very quickly with any use. There are some very corrosion resistant stainless steel alloys available, but as they are all ferrous based, they are magnetic. Terravantium as a proprietary form of dendritic cobalt meets and exceeds the requested requirements Terrain 365 received for a dive knife. Producing the dendritic cobalt super-alloy required Terrain 365 to invest in specialized production equipment and processes. They cost of the alloy itself is quite high but for the resulting performance qualities, Terrain 365 finds it superior in just about all practical considerations for a cutting tool.”

Terrain 365™ launches the Nautilus-Alpha via their website at 12:00pm Pacific Time, March 18, 2019.

2 Responses to “Introducing the Nautilus-Alpha from Terrain 365”

  1. Mark says:

    Okay, so Terravantium™ is highly resilient in salt water….but what material are the sheath’s attachment fasteners made from?

    They appear to be regular carbon steel button head Phillips screws.

    • Marc says:

      Damn you’re right… Though, to be fair, they acknowledge it on their website.