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Tiger Stripe Products Opens Webstore

Toger Stripe Products has opened a webstore and you can purchase finished goods direct.

Now, if they’d just offer some fabric, particularly 500D Cordura.


3 Responses to “Tiger Stripe Products Opens Webstore”

  1. Rick Zonneveld says:

    Is it really that hard to match the booniehat or the tadpole hats to match with the tops/ trousers ? I would love the new tiger as a set… but this is putting me off … and I can ill affort to buy 2 shirts just to make a boonie .. that is a one thing in a lifetime thing that I will never will do again ? A simple tadpole, add a sweatband and a red S.O.S liner… doesn’t cost the world and is simple to make. You can agree or disagree with me here people… but you lost a potential customer that is not affraid to speak his mind. Great stuff +10 … not a matching Boonie – 15
    That sums it up for me and don’t hesitate to email me to get a few photo’s of a custom made recce boonie matching the BDU set

    • SteveB says:

      Rick, I have a complete set including the Boonie and it matches perfectly. The lighting/camera makes it look different. The original Vietnam TS is one of my favorite vintage patterns.

  2. ML says:

    Yes, we need 500D. E