NRAAM 19 – ROMEO3 Max From SIG Optics

SIG Optics has launched the ROMEO3 Max Red Dot Optic in honor of Team SIG legend Max Michel. Due to its size, it’s generally associated with carbines an SMG’s, but I first noticed Max using one during his Guinness World Record shoot.

As you can see it features a mounting plate to accommodate the large footprint of the ROMEO3.

Don’t let this photo fool you, there are multiple intensity setting for the 6MOA dot. It was on a low setting.

Here it is on Max’s P320 X5 Carry.

I spoke briefly with Max about his experience with Red Dot Sights and why he preferred this optic in particular. Max related that he had begun using an optic equipped pistol on the early 90s initially with the Tasco optic and then transitioned to the C-More. Over the past couple of years he had adopted the SIG sight. “Most pistol engagements are at 15 yards or less and you don’t want a small dot,” Max explained. He went on to say, “the ROMEO3 offers clean glass, large field of view and a 6 MOA dot. At that distance you’re not going to cover up the target with the dot.”

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  1. Matt says:

    Is there a price point on this yet?

  2. Kyle Kata says:


    Not X5 Carry