NRAAM 19 – Vault Series by Pelican

If you’re looking for a new gun case, Pelican has you covered with the Vault series.

Available in various sizes, these weather resistant cases are made from high impact polymer. They feature push button latches, stainless steel hasps.

6 Responses to “NRAAM 19 – Vault Series by Pelican”

  1. Matt says:

    I bought a couple of these vault cases to ship some rifles across the country by purolator. They took an obvious beating and the rifles were perfectly fine. The case are dented and dinged, but in true pelican fashion they still work great.

  2. Kyle Kata says:

    No USA logos, no USA text on their site, lower cost. All signs point to China.

    • Henchman says:

      You should start to accept that made in China is not a sign of garbage anymore, but a sign of higher quality than what is made in the West. It does not matter what you use today, most of the items have parts that have been made in China, even military equipment.

      The idea that only western companies are able to produce quality died with globalism.

      • Stephen says:

        China Made = SHIT and nobody needs to accept dick! They can’t even copy or replicate stuff correctly let alone improve on anything so what your saying is laughable at best. And in the gear world i know of nothing made there that trumps our shit in any way or anything even close! most of what the military procures cant have anything made in China inside cause of this thing called Berry Compliant!!! The fact you think they make shit better than us and thats why everything is made there is pathetic. But i hate to break it to you, China isn’t making shit nicer than we are, so try again. And if this case is made there, it was USA folks who designed and probably made the tooling!!! LOL

        • Henchman says:

          I commend your patriotism, but it is misguided. “Made in America” doesnt mean “Made by Americans” anymore. Its mostly Mexicans and other migrants. This is different for China. Made in China is synonymous with made with western (designed) tooling by chinese workers who are often far more qualified than your low wage Mexican or African migrant.

          Like I said, the idea that the west is the only one able to produce quality died with globalism. The west simply gave his manufacturing and knowledge away in hopes to produce for a cheaper price.

          China also produces everything from low quality, high point like trash to superior carbon space magic. You choose to only look at their low quality high points and laugh. You only look at the failures of a country of nearly 1.8 billion people. If that many would live in the US, we would have an entire youtube dedicated to their products failing, horribly killing someone in the process, while ignoring that more than a billion people use these products without any problems.

          I am totally with you. I wish back the times when made in Germany was the best you can get your hands on and not some overpriced average trash that came to life in a machine operated by a Turk, creating a product that doesnt even pass standard testing. I wish I would still support Americans when buying made in America and not Mexicans. But this time has passed and I have accepted this reality.

    • Neal says:

      Made in Mexico. I stopped by their booth and asked what was keeping the price point low.