TYR Tactical

CTOMS Exhibiting at SOMSA

CTOMS has been in the Tactical Medicine business for 14 years now, and it has been incredible to be a part of the evolution since those earlier days.

Both 2019/2020 will be no exception with major projects on the horizon. We continue to bring solutions to the ever-changing problems faced by tactical medical and rescue practitioners.

These include evolving solutions in:
• Field medical procedure kits;
• Field medical equipment storage, transport, and carriage systems;
• Rope rescue, egress, and complex terrain negotiation equipment, systems, and training;
• Comprehensive CASEVAC suites;
• Expanded procurement channels;
• Increased training reach, bandwidth, and upgraded delivery and content;
• Improved international access to training and equipment;
• Improved customers purchasing experience;
• International rescue and critical care evacuation operations;
• And much more.

To learn more, visit us at the Special Operations Medical Association Scientific Assembly Exhibition, Booth 410P at the Charlotte, NC Convention Center on 08 and 09 May 2019, or on the web at ctoms.ca

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