Kimber – EVO SP Raptor


The EVO SP Raptor is the newest addition to Kimber’s EVO SP line of single-stack, sub-compact, striker-fired 9mm carry pistols. The Raptor designation comes from the aggressive horizontal front and rear cocking serrations present on the slide, as well as the feathered logo grip panels and backstrap panel.

EVO SP Raptor Details

The EVO SP Raptor features a 3.16″ stainless steel, match grade barrel; a stainless steel slide with an FNC finsh, overlaid with Kimpro Sliver; and an aluminum frame with Kimpro Silver finish. Dimensionally, the SP Raptor comes in a 6″ long, 4″ tall, and 1″ wide, making it easily concealable. Additional features include a 7+1 round capacity, ledged tritium night sights, right or left-hand configurable magazine release, striker indicator, and an aluminum trigger factory set with a 6-7 lbs pull weight.


One Response to “Kimber – EVO SP Raptor”

  1. Joe says:

    In a world of single-stacks and sub-compact pistols from $200 to $500 that hold 7rds to 13rds, it takes guts to follow up the failed Kimber MICRO with an $850 gun.

    I’m sure these have been tested, but I’m not sure who’s wanting a heavier single-stack with less capacity than the competition at nearly twice the price.

    I messed with two, and one had some “pre-tension” (where the slide will move forward when the trigger breaks) and one didn’t. The grip and trigger did feel nice, and I do like all metal guns…but I want either P365-like capacity or less overcharge for the name (again, after the MICRO mishap).

    IF these prove reliable, which I think they will, and they get down to $650, which I think they should but won’t, I’d look harder at them as a BBQ gun.