Canik Announces Budget Friendly One Series

DELRAY BEACH, Florida – (MAY 3, 2019) – Canik, manufacturer of handguns and accessories used around the world and imported to the U.S. exclusively by Century Arms, has launched the Canik ONE Series pistol line.

Featuring the impressively reliable and durable Canik handguns users have come to know and love, each ONE Series model includes Warren Tactical sights, 1 magazine, 1 additional backstrap, a hard plastic case, and the same great, limited lifetime warranty that accompanies all Canik handguns. ONE Series handguns stand out in distinctive packaging and are offered at incredible prices.

The two models launching the ONE Series are:     

• TP9SF ONE Series, Full Size, 9mm, Black, SKU HG4989-N, Ultra-low MSRP of $299.99

• TP9SF Elite ONE Series, Compact, 9mm, Black,  SKU HG4990-N, Ultra-low MSRP of $324.99

“The ONE Series provides a proven product at a great price. With Canik already being one of the most affordable and reliable handgun lines on the market, this creates an even easier entry point for new shooters, first-time concealed permit holders, and seasoned shooters who haven’t yet had the Canik experience,” said William Sucher, Century Arms’ VP of Business Development.

Canik ONE Series pistols will begin shipping to distributors and dealers across the country at the beginning of May 2019. The ONE Series will be offered for a limited time and with limited quantities, so dealers are encouraged to contact their distributor of choice and get their orders in now.

For more information on the Canik ONE Series, please visit

10 Responses to “Canik Announces Budget Friendly One Series”

  1. Gerard says:

    It makes an already great pistol even more affordable. Every serious gun owner needs a Canik, if not for themselves, but to give to a friend or family member in an emergency. It’s a true second amendment pistol.

  2. jellydonut says:

    No thanks, I’d rather not support the genocidal Turkish regime with my money, however indirectly.

  3. Bob M says:

    Turkey is a bad actor and I won’t be sending my money their way.

  4. Jeb says:

    Won’t own one due to the Century association, supporting Turkey is six to one… I own a MKE mp5 clone that’s been running good. I really want a Russian AK but sanctions and all. My old Mauser is a German Gustav and a Russian Mosin is in the safe. I guess I have a history of supporting “bad actors”. Do I get extra smash points for supporting Team Wendy too? Guess my point is, politics plays a big enough part in gun ownership that allowing politics to judge gun purchases is way too much for me.

    • I Am says:

      There’s a huge difference between buying a Mauser today, when Germany is one of the US’s greatest allies, and buying a Mauser in the years leading up to or during one of the World Wars. If I had to choose between buying an American or German product in 1939, I’d choose American all the way.

      Besides, even the current US administration is now refusing to sell the F-35 to Turkey. There are genuine reasons not to financially support Turkey in its current state.

    • jellydonut says:

      Germany atoned and paid for its crimes. The Armenian, Greek, and Assyrian genocides of the Turkish regime were brushed under the carpet, and the world is *still* pretending they didn’t happen.

      Meanwhile, Turkey is actively supporting jihad across north and east Africa, including Libya, Sudan, and Somalia, not to mention the fact that they opened their border to Syria in order to facilitate ISIS, and have spent the past half-decade bombing the West’s Kurdish allies that fought *against* ISIS.

      They are also presently supporting al-Qaeda in Idlib province, as well as helping Iran dodge sanctions by buying oil using Venezuelan gold – yeah, did I forget to mention, they’re also one of the last remaining friends of Maduro?

      Honestly, you couldn’t even make up the character that is the Turkish regime today. I didn’t even touch upon their cozying up to Russia and their purchase of Russian air defense systems compromising NATO’s southeast flank.

      • Jeb says:

        With all due respect, my Mauser was built in when Germany wasn’t such a friendly ally. I don’t need a primer on third, or second, world countries. I’ve seen them first hand personally. In the end, Pakistan is a shit hole (insert whatever euphemism you wish) and I’d still like a Kyber Pass built firearm in my collection. I like my MKE built on HK machining and tooling. I like Russian Mosin’s and AKs. My point being, politics don’t play influence on gun purchases unless politics block the ability to purchase, ie Russian sanctions. I collect firearms for various reasons, some never gaining monetary value while rising in intrinsic and sentimental value. People can refuse to buy this for a variety of reasons, I simply won’t because of my history with Century and a list of craptastic firearms previously owned with their name on them.

        • jellydonut says:

          Exactly, when it was built. It’s a historical artifact. A Canik is not. It’s a completely different situation.

          I realize you don’t care, but can you at least recognize that buying a historical artifact that was once made in a historical genocidal regime is completely different from buying a product made today from a genocidal regime perpetrating further crimes as we speak?

  5. SGT Rock says:

    “Coming soon to your local gangsters waistband…” I can see these pistols proliferating throughout many large urban cities. Much cheaper than a Glock but not as crappy as a Cobra/Kel-Tec/Hi-Point.

    • Sawyer Lawrence says:

      One magazine, IIRC they used to come with 3 mags MSRP was ~$40 each so just to get the minimum number of mags eats $80 of the price reduction.