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SOMSA 19 – Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet

Last week, the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC) issued a revised list of approved medical devices for TCCC. This is the first time that new tourniquets have been added to the list in years.

One of these new tourniquets is the Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet available through Combat Medical.

The TMT is now the widest approved TQ. Applied within 30 seconds, the buckle secures the running end of the strap and the windless is secured via a clip. You can both hear and feel when the windless is correctly secured. Additionally, it can be self applied if needed with the strap already running through the buckle. In fact, it will fit limbs between 5-3/4″ and 38″.

The TMT has also been assigned NSN 6515-01-656-6191.

10 Responses to “SOMSA 19 – Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet”

  1. Lasse says:

    And still the RATS isn’t on the list

    • ThatBlueFalcon says:

      TFW you spoof the real CoTCCC and try to smear everyone else to promote your shitty medical tubing TQ only to STILL not be considered medically effective.

      Womp. Womp.

  2. ejb3 says:

    I just ordered one to check it out. I like that fact that is was only $30 and comes with a holder. Watching the vides, seems easy to deploy.

  3. SLG says:

    Thanks for the read. I trained with Dr. Shertz years ago, good instructor. I will have to test my CATS on the kids again and see how they do. They did not fit my littlest one when I last tried, about 2 years ago.

  4. Papa6 says:

    Good to see the SAM-XT made the list! My department switched to these about two years ago. Already had a couple of successful deployments of them. The nice thing about the SAM-XT is that the ratchet “clicks” when one has tightened it adequately before using the windlass. This is a really nice feature as I’ve seen other TQ applied initially way to loosely and the windlass couldn’t take up all the slack.