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SOMSA 19 – K9 Medic’s K9 + Handler IFAK

The K9 + Handler IFAK is designed to support both parts of the team.

• 1x Tourniquet: Latest GEN 7 Combat-Applied-Tourniquet
• 1x NPA: Rusch Nasopharyngeal Airway with lube
• 1x Custom Human Patient Card: All-weather, tearproof, w/ elastic

Handler and K9:
• 1x Hemostatic Gauze: QuikClot Combat Gauze® LE
• 1x Pressure Dressing: Olaes® Modular 4” Bandage
• 2x Decompression Needle: 14GA x 3.25?
• 1x Chest Seal Combo Pack: SAM® Chest Seals w/ + w/o valve
• 1x Pair Gloves: Black nitrile
• 1x Pencil: #2 mini pencil

• 1x Thermometer: 10sec digital thermometer
• 1x Back-up Leash: Also improvised muzzle
• 1x Custom K9 Patient Card: All-weather, tearproof, w/ elastic

The kit comes bundled but without a pouch so that the user can use the pouch which is issued or preferred.

9 Responses to “SOMSA 19 – K9 Medic’s K9 + Handler IFAK”

  1. The Shropshire Slasher says:

    Anybody know what pouch that is in the photo?

    • Benb says:

      I believe its an ITS Tactical Ifak pouch.

    • Richie says:

      That is a gen 1 Vanquest FATPack, probably a 4×6 (I have one). The gen1 has a Cordura label on the front behind the velcro and the back of it is still visible, the gen1 is in a different location. The ITS does not have any elastic straps on the inside and has a different shock cord arrangement.

  2. Jeff S says:

    Dumb question: How does a chest seal work on a dog given the fact that many have thick fur? I know it would have worked fine on my old Ridgeback (RIP Bella), but what about a GSD/Mal/Belgian?

  3. Papa6 says:

    I know K-9 medicine is the next big thing, but has anyone addressed/invented a tourniquet for use on dogs yet? I’ve heard/seen people using the RATS, but it seems the jury is still out on that tourniquet.

    • Citizen3 says:

      I’d use a SWAT-T for animals or small kids whose limbs are too small for a CAT.

    • WCDoc says:

      I recently attended a unit-provided K9/MPC “TCCC” course. We were taught that standard TQ’s like the CAT or SOF-T are not ideal and are typically ineffective due to the tapered cone-like shape of a K9’s limbs (they tend to slide down after application.) The preferred TQ was the SWAT-T. After applying both types, I would have to agree that the SWAT-T was easier to apply and appeared much more effective. We also used it as a wrap for pressure dressings.

  4. Bryce says:

    Toss a SWAT-T in there for the K9. Considering the SWAT T is good for getting high in on joints and we know K9 physiology is a lot of high joints.