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SOF Select 19 – Mystery Ranch All-Terrain Maneuver Cold Weather First Pack

The ATM CWF was created in response to renewed NATO SOF interest in mountain and arctic warfare.

It’s a modular system, scalable from 80-120 liters. It can be configured with a simple flap lid, daypack lid and extra large dapyapck lid as well as three removable MOLLE pouches.

It also features a specialized frame and hipbelt for pulling akios.

It will be delivered in 330D Cordura in Alpine MultiCam. Additionally, they’re using 3/4″ webbing to help keep weight down. Buckles are Grey.

Available immediately for contracts from Mystery Ranch.

4 Responses to “SOF Select 19 – Mystery Ranch All-Terrain Maneuver Cold Weather First Pack”

  1. Joe says:

    should definitily get the Åsnes Ingstad skis instead of the amundsen model that is pictured.
    Or even better the ´Combat Nato Jeger Spesial´ that is custom made for SR operations unsing skis

    • retroarg says:

      True, though your comment would be more relevant if the US had dedicated, proficient and experienced winter/arctic warfare units….like ST2 and 2 Marine Regt in the 80’s, etc. Finding a ski-proficient unit in USDOD makes finding a needle in a haystack seem easy.

      • redbeard says:

        Also true. And the comment would be even more relevant if those weren’t the personal skis of a well-known polar explorer who just crossed Baffin island on them two weeks ago.

      • Anibal Perez says:

        The 25th ID guys up in Alaska are still arctic/cold weather qualified last I checked