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CONCAMO – Green Camo Pattern At H&K Range


German Camouflage development company CONCAMO recently had a photoshoot at H&K’s shooting range where they featured their Green camo pattern. Various cooperation partners, including H&K, Rheinmetall, IEA, and UF PRO provided weapons and equipment for the shoot, which took place on April 24 – 25. Check out the full complement of photos below, along with the full details of the partners, and their contributions to the shoot.

The cooperation partners:

HK – Weapons – HK433, HK416 A7 (G95), HK417P (Austria), HK269 40mm, SFP9 OR (new KSK), GMW 40mm (on Humvee)
Rheinmetall – Laserlight + Ballistic Computer
IEA – L3 Laser, NV, Humvee, Opscore Helmets
MD Textile – Plate Carrier, Chest-Rig, Belt, Sling
UF PRO – Uniforms
Lowa – Boots
NONVIDE – Camouflage Equipment / Tasmanian Tiger backpacks


One Response to “CONCAMO – Green Camo Pattern At H&K Range”

  1. Joe says:

    Gotta admit, it looks pretty good. Reminds me of All Over Desert Brush, woodland colorway. SSD, is there any way on Earth to recreate the pattern (and fabric?) that was supposed to be UCP? Who do I call and get told no from?