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GT Distributors GLOCK Salute to Veterans Discount Program

During the GLOCK Salute to Veterans Discount Program GT Distributors and GLOCK are extending blue label qualifications to any honorably discharged, active or retired veteran. If you meet these requirements you’re eligible to purchase one Blue Label GLOCK pistol through GT Distributors from Memorial Day to Veterans Day. Blue label pricing provides a significant discount below regular pricing for qualified purchasers. Participation in the Salute to Veterans program is as simple as using a copy of your DD 214 and valid driver’s license as credentials.

Guns like the newly released G48 and G43X  as well as the G45 and G19X are all available through this program. GT Distributors is a leading supplier of GLOCK firearms, parts  and accessories – from magazines to sights, and even installation.

Buying your new GLOCK online from GT couldn’t be easier: use our FFL Finder to buy your GLOCK on GTDist.com and have it shipped directly to your FFL!

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7 Responses to “GT Distributors GLOCK Salute to Veterans Discount Program”

  1. Thomas67 says:

    Wow, this is quite amazing. I’m going to have to see what this lower price will actually be. I wonder, is this program for pistols only, or can you also purchase additional magazines in the same order, and would the price be less than what magazines usually go for?

  2. EODMadBomb says:

    I don’t know how much the program has changed since I used it 4 years ago, but Blue Label guns used to come with 3 mags.

    • Thomas67 says:

      Right, when you buy a Glock, it does come with three magazines in the case. What I was wondering if the Glock Blue Label discount program also had a lower price for additional magazines. Of course I’ll find out for sure when I can go to the site and send a copy of my DD214 to get started.

  3. Raul says:

    Have bought many items from GT and can’t say enough good stuff about the owners and sales people. Solid solid group, recommend without hesitation.

  4. Kyle says:

    The Glock 43x and 48 only come with two mags in the Blue Label box (I just bought a 43x and was disappointed it only came with two, and the dealer didn’t have any extra in stock). Everything other model comes with three mags. Haven’t seen Blue Label discounts for mags.

  5. Ton E says:

    If they had Gen 3 G26s in stock id be all over it.