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Team Wendy Releases All-Terrain And Ballistic Mandibles

New EXFIL® Ballistic / SL Accessories Provide Full-Face Protection

Cleveland-based Team Wendy®, which researches and develops high-quality headborne systems from the inside out, announced the launch of two new helmet accessories today: the EXFIL® All-Terrain Mandible and the EXFIL Ballistic Mandible. The mandibles attach tool-free to the EXFIL Ballistic and EXFIL Ballistic SL helmets fitted with either the EXFIL Rail 2.0 or EXFIL Rail 3.0 accessory mounting systems. Each mandible is designed to allow the operator to establish a cheek weld with his/her weapon, and when paired with the EXFIL Ballistic Visor, they provide full-face protection.

“The new EXFIL mandibles offer scalable, lightweight protection and attach quickly and easily to the helmet rail system, allowing the operator to be mission-ready in seconds,” said Team Wendy CEO Jose Rizo-Patron. “In designing this new ballistic helmet accessory, it was important for us to engineer a soft mandible option so that the operator can still deploy his or her weapon with ease and accuracy; this is critical for military and law enforcement.”

The EXFIL All-Terrain Mandible protects the face and ears against blunt impact and debris. Weighing 0.71 pounds (320 grams), it is composed of a vented nose piece, a VN vented foam insert, and a glass-reinforced polycarbonate and TPU frame. The outer cover is made of mesh and ultra-suede. The EXFIL All-Terrain Mandible meets blunt impact performance in accordance with Team Wendy impact test protocol TW-TP-1901 (10 and 14.1 ft/s NOCSAE drop, 150G max).

The EXFIL Ballistic Mandible shields the face and ears from fragmentation and blunt impact. Its ballistic coverage area is 72.03 square inches (464.70 square centimeters), and it meets a performance standard of 17gr V50 greater than or equal to 2,400 ft/s (731 m/s) and 9mm V0 greater than or equal to 1,400 ft/s (427 m/s). Like the all-terrain mandible, blunt impact performance is also in accordance with Team Wendy impact test protocol TW-TP-1901.

The ballistic mandible weighs 1.30 pounds (590 grams) and comes standard with two interchangeable nose pieces: a ballistic nose with a Cordura® and nylon/spandex cover and a non-ballistic, all-terrain nose with vents to allow additional airflow. The ballistic nose is made of a proprietary composite matrix, and the frame is glass-reinforced polycarbonate and TPU. The ballistic insert is composed of flexible ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fabrics in a nylon/TPU cover. The outer cover is made of Cordura and ultra-suede.

The EXFIL All-Terrain Mandible and EXFIL Ballistic Mandible retail at $265 and $492, respectively. They come in two sizes, size one and size two, corresponding to the operator’s EXFIL Ballistic or EXFIL Ballistic SL helmet size. Each is offered in four colors: Black, Coyote Brown, MultiCam® and Ranger Green. Both mandibles are now available for purchase on and through authorized Team Wendy dealers.

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