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OR Summer Market 19 – Skinners Barefoot Shoes

Skinners are socks that can be worn in lieu of shoes. These Barefoot Shoes combine knit construction with a 2mm layer of polymer adhered to the sole to protect the foot from sharp rocks and such.

While there’s a whole argument to be made that we aren’t created to wear shoes on our feet and doing so actually weakens them, I love the idea of Skinners because I can walk from my tent to take a leak at 3AM without having to put boots on.

Available now in multiple colors (olive shown) and sizes from skinners.cc as well as Amazon.

22 Responses to “OR Summer Market 19 – Skinners Barefoot Shoes”

  1. AscentWorks says:

    I can get down with these

  2. Zach says:

    It has been proven that early humans had more fat on the soles of their feet and they also died very young. The argument for not wearing shoes is pretty much negated by these facts. I have researched footwear for decades. There is a reason why the thin sole or no sole running shoe fad is pretty much done. Also keep in my that Vibram was sued and lost. I dealt with many people that messed their feet and went back to normal running shoes in the correct category for them, mostly stability. These socks may have some applications such as what you described about camp shoes, but heavy use will be bad for all but a small percentage of people.

    • SLG says:

      Most people have to idea how to run. Many wreck themselves regardless of sneaker choice.

      • Zach says:

        Not trying to be rude but if you mean forefoot or midfoot striking, they are not for all people. I am 6’4 210 and heel strike sort of mid foot strike. Pronation is the natural way the foot and body absorb impact by landing and rolling inward. Different arch and ankle shapes make it imperfect, but with the right shoes it is correctable/livable.

        • SLG says:

          I’ve had to run my entire professional career, and ran track in school before that, but I am a mediocre runner at best. I’m certainly not going to try to tell anyone that they should run like me, or anyone else. I don’t know how anyone but me should run, and I’m always open to improvement in what I do, so maybe I don’t know that either. I was simply stating a truth about people who run. I happen to run my best as a midfoot striker (POSE running, if you will), but I don’t have any clue if that is best for everyone. Clearly though many of them have no idea either, give the injuries I see, and the form and competency they exhibit. That was my main point. My other related point was that plenty of people do well with minimalist shoes, me included. I also know when to use something else.

    • cj says:

      the older I get the thicker the shoe soles I need. people forget shoes just don’t effect feet, they effect ankles, knees, hips etc. they seem good for what the author used them for or to run around the house or yard in but call these things shoes is very…… generous… never got the whole barefoot running thing….

      • Mike says:

        Which is why you’re wrong. Wearing zero drop shoes strengthens your feet, ankles and corrects your hips and back. The reason why you require thicker soles as you’re getting older because your feet are getting weaker.

    • Nick says:

      Some bold claims there, Zach. Humans had more fat on the bottoms of their feet because they spent thousands of years living barefoot; that’s the whole idea. Obviously you can’t undo the damage modern shoes have done to humans within a lifetime, but your feet have tiny muscles that need to be strengthened and worked. Putting them in what essentially amounts to a cast causes knee / hip / lower back problems for long distance runners. Also, vibram was sued becaused they claimed to have running shoes that improve your overall health – no shoe company can make such a claim. Personally, I’ve been running barefoot, several years completely barefoot, and it saved my lower body. I’ve been coaching people to do the same ever since, with overwhelmingly positive results. There’s only one proper running form, and if you don’t have it down before you try the minimal approach, it’s going to work. You can run correctly in combat boots, it doesn’t matter, but running barefoot forces you to run the right way. And no, the barefoot “fad” is far from over.

      • Donna Snyder says:

        Yay!!! I am not a runner at all. And if I am… something’s behind me! ?. With that being said, I am always barefoot. If not I wear the barefoot type shoe. Can’t wear traditional shoes. They kill my feet and body and I have fibromyalgia and stenosis in my back.

    • Carlos says:

      I love minimalist shoes. Ran many marathons and ultras in regular shoes, but after using minimalist shoes 6 years ago, will never go back. I’m 47 yo, 6′, 180 lbs and have never had an injury with minimalist, even when doing 50 mi races. My calves are now completely ripped and bulletproof. And it’s so much more fun! Believe nothing people say. Try it out and find your own way.

    • Ipkiss says:

      I have to disagree with you here Zach.
      People that have not been ruined by shoes primarily run fore/midfoot. Look at yong children. Only by putting on shoes you can run with a heelstrike, and it causes an inefficient running form. There’s a reason we evolved as one of the best long-distance running species, but that art has mostly been forgotten. 100 years ago, multiple-day races were the norm. And it wasn’t on thick sauconys or carbod-soled Nikes.
      I switched to Fivefingers 7 years ago and I went from a very basic runner with knee pain to multiple marathons and long trails without pain.

  3. Hubb says:

    These “shoes” will enhance my ninja skills.

  4. Paul says:

    It looks like those grippy gloves that people who work in warehouses use. I would think they’d make your feet very sweaty??

  5. tremis says:

    I have some of these from the original kickstarter years ago. They are perfect camp shoes. They roll up small enough that carrying them in a pack is not noticable. Switching out of sweaty hikers at a campsite doest require bringing along a pair of shower shoes anymore. I love these things.

  6. Rich275 says:

    I can’t be the only one who thought of these, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JpVtVUSYMRw

  7. Spencer says:

    So yo’re paying for close to the same thing as those cheap mechanic gloves, but for $60? Give me a break. Let’s take a step back from the margin fountain.

  8. PLiner says:

    Interesting concept but if they are $60 they are smoking crack. I’d imagine you could come close to replicating this concept with a can of texturized Plasti Dip and a pair of wool socks.

  9. jjj03009 says:

    It looks like it’s sock version of the cheap 50 cent labor/garage gloves. I appreciate the idea but calling it ‘Shoes’ is I think bit ridiculous. Standalone sock is more appropriate name I guess. And I agree with above comments, you should not expect to do serious hiking with it. Light jogging/walking with barefoot is actually good for your health, but if you hike or haul with it, you’re practically breaking up your body.

  10. Dan says:

    I use dedicated piss bottle when tenting. Keep it close, roll over, snake it in and piss. No footwear needed. Makes her very jealous.