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OR Summer Market 19 – SOG Knives Parashears

The Parashears from SOG Knives we previewed last year are finally ready. It was designed in conjunction with emergency medics as a single tool they’d want to take when weight is a factor.

It integrates a glass breaker, line/seatbelt hook, rope cutter, inch rule, millimeter rule, tweezer,, serrated blade, awl, oxygen wrench, Phillips screwdriver, standard screwdriver/bottle opener and of course, compound leverage shears.

Yet, Parashears fold up into a compact form factor.

The holdup has been development of a version with Red handles and matte finished shear blades which will actually be released first as an REI exclusive. The other variant is finished completely in a Matte Black finish. Made from 3CR13 Stainless Steel with glass reinforced nylon handles.

5 Responses to “OR Summer Market 19 – SOG Knives Parashears”

  1. res51cue says:

    Decon-ing that over and over from blood/body fluids would get old real quick with all those tools…

    • Andrew says:

      The raptor shears can be a pain to decon, I don’t even know what to say about these. I can see the market for a user who isn’t an emergency service provider.

      • Tomcat_AL200 says:

        Yes and no, I bought my wife (ER Nurse) a pair of raptors and she has had no problems getting the sicky icky off of them. I did Cerakote them Tiffany blue to prevent them from ‘walking off’ again so that may help but for some of the trauma that has come in, the increased cutting ability and built in clothing hook are worth the weight.

  2. Richard Schagen says:

    Am I missing something? Seat belt cutter on a pair of safety shears