Ask SSD – What’s This Antenna?

A friend sent me this photo and asked me to identify the two X shaped antennas in the rear. I am unfamiliar with them. But perhaps an SSD reader will know what they are.

If they turn out to be sensitive, go ahead and shoot me an email. The requester is legit.

6 Responses to “Ask SSD – What’s This Antenna?”

  1. D32 says:

    These are Df antennas in a stowed config for Sigint eqp.

  2. Rick says:

    They are wolfhound antenna bases without the antennas attached. A quick google search of “wolfhound antenna” will produce several open source official Army images.

  3. Roy Woodall says:

    The wolfhounds I worked with were built into mystery ranch packs.

  4. Mehmaster says:

    The antenna name is RAX. RAX 1 is for wolfhound. RAX 2 is used for the system that came after.