Patrolling Is Better When You’re…

According to 75th Ranger Regiment Recruiting, patrolling is better when you’re…

1. Wearing a Patagonia uniform

2. Carrying a Mystery Ranch pack

3. Wearing an Ops-Core helmet

4. Communicating via Peltor

5. Shooting thru a Daniel Defense upper

6. Seeing thru Oakley SI eye pro

7. Walking in Nonstandard boots

8. Wearing Outdoor Research gloves

9. Wearing a Crye Precision plate carrier

Wanna join? If you’re in the Army, send your SRB to from your .mil email.

Not in the Army? Go tell your local Active Duty Army Recruiter that you want to serve in the 75th Ranger Regiment.

13 Responses to “Patrolling Is Better When You’re…”

  1. COL(R)REMF says:

    I believe the correct answer is 10. Not wearing camo face paint (because SLACK. WEAK. NO EXCUSES. And this from primarily a staff turd (who wore face paint from time to time and still has seven pairs of green jungle boots older than anybody in the photo, that I can’t part with though I should, because I’m lame)).

  2. Ed says:

    ……are playing Modern Warfare in an air conditioned 1st world abode!

  3. max says:

    I think it’s awesome that rangers are afforded the opportunity to have great gear. I just wanted to say that if you’ve ever served in the army or marine infantry we should be advocates for our guys to be issued this type of gear as well. The bulk of the death tax over the past 18 years has been paid by army, and marine infantry and socom personnel, yet the army and marine infantry still gets issued the same items that a truck driver or cook. Our folks are doing just as much yet the gear hasn’t kept up. I’m a realists I’m not asking for the world just better gear for the folks that do the heavy lifting.

  4. Brendan says:

    No patrolling still sucks no matter what. Its just a little bit more comfortable when youre in gucci kit.

  5. BoneCrusher6 says:

    Kudos to the marketing-minded folks at the Regiment who came up with this. Step 1: Know your customer. Hopefully those interested understand there’s more to it than fancier gear…

    Also worth noting that all of this gear is available to every other unit in the DoD, if only their chain of command would prioritize relevant, lethality/survivability increasing equipment over demist shield shortages and missing HMMWV drip pans…

    • Attack7 says:

      Ditto…..just met a former ‘Regiment’ Field Grade Officer, current Bn Cdr at a prominent Division who just admitted that he and his peers have no clue that they could replicate what they were providing their Rangers to their current Infantrymen. Additionally, he didn’t have a clue ‘how’ it was done at said Bn, so the moral of the story is, develop and teach, and evolve as you climb the ladder of success. If you now can’t provide The Big 5 for your now unit, and you used to be an Operator at Lamont Road, in the eyes of a good Specialist, you’re just a shitbag who used to somehow work at Lamont Road, but you’re doing nothing great at your current assignment as his/her leader. This fact is why folks don’t like Chartering….they actually have to prove if they are great leaders, developers, trainers, providers and can put points on the board and win. If the Army could just focus their leaders on the latter, we’d all really be sitting where the poster says we should. I just got a phone call from Smitty, Wolfe, and some others who aren’t liking this ‘petty’ recruiting tactic. The Regiment is much more than ‘gear’, the Army is much more than gear. I think they should stick to ‘We’re looking for Warriors’. A7, Out!

  6. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Awww I see they still lie and paint pretty pictures. When they grow up do they fit the sleeves of the uniform? I didn’t know we patrolled down clear cuts once you left training where you don’t get lost as often.
    Nah seriously chase your dream if your interested I’m just bustin balls while no longer patrolling with chaff

  7. Rich275 says:

    From my time in, 88-91
    Patroling sucks when:
    1. wearing uniforms date coded to 1970 (they were OG107’s and were actually awesome!)
    2. carrying a large ALICE for EVERY mission, packed to Ranger Standards.
    3. wearing a K-pot that weighs more than your own head.
    4. communicating with hand and arm signals and the occasional click or whisper.
    5. shooting an AR that your dad may have used in Vietnam.
    6. eye pro=birth control glasses.
    7. walking in jungle boots. Year-round, regardless of temperature or terrain.
    8. wearing no gloves or wool inserts. Cuz you know, that’s what was issued.
    8. wearing a flak vest or not having armor at all.
    10. wearing face cammo all the time. Especially right after shaving. Every day.

    • Stan says:

      81-85 same

    • Anibal P says:

      90 – 97

      Pretty much the same except you had to wear the gore tex cold weather gear to wear gloves, uniformity was more important than individual comfort