LALO Announces Their Release of the Shadow AR670-1 Uniform Compliant Boot

San Diego, Ca. (July 1, 2019) – LALO LLC, dba LALO Tactical, a San Diego, California footwear company, is pleased to announce The Shadow AR670-1 Uniform Compliant Boot. LALO saw a need to produce a uniform compliant boot that features an efficiency component and technology that allows the end user to be on their feet for long periods of time in varied work scenarios with less injury and fatigue.

This boot was also designed and produced due to the high volume of end- users requesting LALO make a Uniform Compliant Boot they could wear while on duty.

The LALO Shadow UCB – AR670-1 boot which is also TAA Compliant, allows Army personnel to tap into the technology LALO is known for from its Shadow Amphibian and Shadow Intruder series while keeping their superiors happy.

Some of this technology includes a moisture-wicking, hydrophobic antimicrobial lining, Cordura 1000D Nylon upper, Multi-density EVA designed to cushion at foot-strike and propel during toe-off, LALO’s two- way passive drainage system, as well as a puncture resistant composite plate with rotation for protection and fatigue reduction; just to name a few. Of particular note, when you are wearing the LALO Shadow UCB it is statistically proven that you are 20-35% more efficient when walking and when carrying a load over distance.

“We focus on the needs of the end users when designing and developing products, and we view the operators as elite end users. Our goal has always been to incorporate technology and materials that exist in the Atheletic footwear space into the Tactical world. The LALO 670-1 unform compliant boot delivers not only a very comfortable, but energy efficient footwear package to give the Operators a competitive advantage in all environments against all opponents,” said Jay Taylor, LALO CEO.

LALO wanted to take an everyday duty boot and bring it to the next level, adding attributes that better the operator, instead of hindering him or her. Compliant in its definition means to obey the rules, especially to an excessive degree. This boot obeys the rules, but in its own form, and to its own degree. LALO is always striving to push the limits of technologically advanced footwear, and the Shadow AR 670- 1 is a perfect example of a great piece of technology built for the masses.

12 Responses to “LALO Announces Their Release of the Shadow AR670-1 Uniform Compliant Boot”

  1. Canadian says:

    They look like an good option, however- please consider a lace-to-toe option for future updates. European/approach shoe/Danner style, it allows more options for adjustment within a size range- I can’t be the only ine that prefers this style.

  2. Loopy says:

    “when you are wearing the LALO Shadow UCB it is statistically proven that you are 20-35% more efficient when walking and when carrying a load over distance.”
    I’d like to see the data on this….

  3. Ton E says:

    I just checked their website do they have any offerings in wide?

    • Jay says:

      They do not offer boots in wide, because they engineer their boots to fit in swim fins. As such they won’t make them in wide widths because it seems it would exceed the ability for the boot to fit in the fins.

      • Ton E says:

        They should still consider it.

        • TAYLOR Jay says:


          This boot is on a wider last than we normally use a sit doesn’t have to fit in a swim fin. There is also less structural material in the forefoot so it’s a bit roomier than the Intruder and Amphibian product.

  4. Will says:

    Is that a photographer in the background or ISIS?

  5. MP says:

    We got some of their maritime boots, they are great! They are tight fitting though so go up a size at least.

  6. JK says:

    Our team is currently T&E’ing several of their models. I’ve been very impressed with them. I usually wear salomans, lowas, or merrels and they are on par with any of those boots. I would order up a size however.