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MDT Skeleton Carbine Stocks

Earlier today, Modular Driven Technologies dropped three new skeletonized carbine stocks, the SCS (Skeleton Carbine Stock), SCS-Lite (Skeleton Carbine Stock – Lite), and CCS (Composite Carbine Stock). The idea is to minimize weight, yet allow the shooter to optimize ergonomics for multiple shooting positions.

Here’s a quick comparison.

For full details, visit mdttac.com/us_en/mdt-skeleton-carbine-stock

2 Responses to “MDT Skeleton Carbine Stocks”

  1. PTMcCain says:

    Is there an increased risk of these butt stocks getting hung up on body armor, chest rigs, etc.?

    • Sommerbiwak says:

      I would assume so. They look like hooks. I briefly used a MFT minimalist stock, but went back to a SOPMOD clone, because it also got hung up on everything. Butbit certainly was lightweight. These stocks look like targeted at target shooters and maybe 3-gunners. Maybe police use for a sniper, but not for door kicking and stalking the bush.