Observations On SSD Comments

Lots of new commenters lately. Lots of comments not approved. Overall, behavior in the comments section has been less than admirable.

Unfortunately, I’ve got to remind a small minority of commenters that they are guests here and should act like appropriately while commenting. The fact that I even have to bring this up annoys me.

When PR agencies contact me, appalled at the behavior of my guests, I am embarrassed. I don’t like to be embarrassed.

However, here are a few tips:

-In general, don’t be a jerk. No one likes a jerk. If you act like a jerk, I’ll mark you as spam.

-If you create multiple accounts, I’ll mark you as spam.

-Don’t post something you wouldn’t say to the other person’s face.

-Stop being offended by everything.

-Refrain from the use of profanity.

-Remember you’re a guest. This is a dictatorship. You don’t have any rights of ‘free speech’ here. You want to wild out, do it elsewhere. I hear Facebook is great.

-You aren’t a victim, so don’t act like one. If you get called out, be an adult about it.

-I once dated a woman who was passive aggressive. If you are passive aggressive, I’ll have flashbacks. Don’t give me flashbacks.

-You aren’t a comedian. No really, you aren’t. I was recently in Vegas. I didn’t see you headlining a show.

-Having reminded you that you aren’t a comedian, yes, there will be some goofy stuff which I may share. Yes, you’re going to make fun of it. I understand.

-It’s ok to critique a product or company as long as you tell everyone why. “It’s expensive” isn’t a valid reason.

-No one cares that you can’t afford it.

-Don’t call anyone a Nazi or a racial epithet, even if you’d do it to their face.

-If I tell you to “eat a Snickers” or “take a knee and drink water” just relax. You’ve made your point and the horse is dead, dead, dead.

-This isn’t a challenge

-One more time. This isn’t a challenge.

The purge has already begun.

32 Responses to “Observations On SSD Comments”

  1. Arrow 4 says:

    Thank you for maintaining standards

  2. ProValore says:

    Well done SSD.

  3. Jefferson says:

    “-Stop being offended by everything.”

    This is what you should tell every company or agency that is appalled by your “guests”, the people who make this site what it is. You would not have a product to sell without these “guests”, they are your clients, they are what makes you money.

    I do understand that companies want a huge safe space in which their products cant be criticised, in which no one uses language deemed unsafe for potential customers, in which jokes are politically correct and wrong think is deleted.

    But this is not what makes your site. The people that frequent SSD usually have a military background. They call it how they see it. They use profanities all the time. They are not politically correct when addressing other races, superstitions or issues with a product.

    If not for them, this would be another advertisement blog like TFB. They are what made you, these will still be around when the PR agencies and companies have found another site they can send money to. Again, these are your customers.

    Tell these companies that if they dont like your customers they should sell their products to someone else.

    • SSD says:

      What you fail to understand is that the people who act that way aren’t anyone’s customer. It’s just their idea of a good time.

      • Jeb says:

        I concede to the cussing and occasional sexual reference to something…and I AM a customer of many of your sponsors. I can find other companies selling the same wares if my language or lack of social media etiquette offends them and their hemp sweater wearing puppy. In fact, I support some of those sponsors only because of their sponsorship of SSD because it sure is not due to their competitive pricing. As to product releases via PR monkeys by companies of products sold through the sponsors…if their retailer sponsors a blog inhabited by people that offend them, they should take it up within their distribution policies. Alas, I’ll respect SSD “policy” but wish I knew these companies with issues so I could be more mindful where and how I spend my finances.

        • PTMcCain says:

          Jeb, the man is saying it is his web site. He sets the rules. You don’t have to like them, but you must abide by them. You have no rights here. We are guests. We are to behave like guests here. If this is too much to ask of any of us, we are free to leave and not comment.

    • Ex11A says:

      Here, here, Mr. Jefferson. If Horshak and his literary team leader aren’t allowed to call out the Gucci kit makers when they make something preposterous to sell to the Noobs and Wannabes, then this site will become just an advertisement. And that would be a shame.

  4. Ex Coelis says:

    Frankly, this one of the key reasons I visit SSD every day(cited above) – a stringent standard of decorum. That and the level of information published. It only follows suit that when one comments on an article that they maintain an equivalent standard of decorum in their comments/responses. Doom on all SSD nay-sayers and wankers…

  5. Anibal P says:

    Awesome, gotta keep things civil and in check

  6. Maskirovka says:

    Huzzah. This continues to be the best place for industry news, and I continue to haunt it even though I am not in the industry or any kind of buying decision maker where I work. Grown-up behavior should be the standard in what is the interactive equivalent of a trade magazine that supports grown-up companies and potential grown-up buyers of their products.

    Guess what? If you don’t need to buy scuba gear or nylon pouches, skip over the post. If you don’t care about guns (huh??) skip over the post. If you don’t care about leadership, history, or remarkable heroes… skip over the post. If you don’t like updates from SSD’s paying sponsors… yup. Skip over the post.

    There is plenty here for nearly anyone in our little band of professions to read and learn from. Rock on, sir.

  7. Tired says:

    Hope my comments didn’t hurt any feelings. I do get tired and sometimes want to bring issues to the top even through non-official channels such as this. It is amazing who peruses this site.

  8. William Burton says:

    Best laugh I’ve had today, Also very well put.

  9. makaveli says:

    You can’t please everyone, but hey it’s your domain, what SSD say goes. RESPECT!

  10. Biblicalviolence says:

    It’s alright, no ones comment section will ever be as great and unique as GarandThumbs’ on youtube.
    However, the effort afforded to keep this sites’ standard stringent is appreciated all the same.

  11. Luke says:

    “-Having reminded you that you aren’t a comedian, yes, there will be some goofy stuff which I may share. Yes, you’re going to make fun of it. I understand.”

    While far from the lions share of the problems, I see this crop up every now and again: occasionally something is posted that everyone is supposed to dogpile on and have a good chuckle together about, but then something is posted that is distinctly NOT meant to be dogpiled on, but is nearly equally goofy or ill-advised as the former, and some consternation arises when the bulk of readers see it as a joke post when it is not. Some people then feel the need to defend said item when perhaps it should be taken as an indication that the product needs a serious reconsidering if that is how the audience perceives it.

  12. GD442 says:


  13. Ton E says:

    We get it you see comments you don’t like.

  14. Edgar says:

    Someone is salty.

  15. Derpy says:


  16. Brian Harris says:

    Place SSD patch next to your multicam tissue box. It will help catch your tears.

  17. Will Rodriguez says:


    I make it a point to just skip or not respond to a certain individuals who don’t know how to debate and like to hear themselves talk.

    The comments are an important attribute of SSD. Sometimes more can be learned there than in the story. Misanthropes takes away from that.

  18. Ed says:

    Thank you Eric for reiterating these important points. My question or complaint is when a person like myself asks a question about product X, that is not described in the write up and is never answered by the manufacturer or SSD if said question has an answer.

    My most recent unanswered Q:

    Thank you and keep up the excellent work!

  19. Jeb says:


  20. 3GGuns says:

    And this is why SSD is still great. Bravo

  21. Jk says:

    Roger Wilco, thanks again SSD for your time and efforts.