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Two New Styles From Combat Flip Flops

Floperator – Zero-Rise

You’ve been asking and we answered. The famous Floperator now available in a Zero Rise Option. 10% lighter than the originals, high rubber content midsoles to protect your feet, and injection molded arch supports.

Tacticool, not tactical. Man up and show your style in the versatile Floperator. Built to the Combat Flip Flops standard, the land, sea, and air compatible flips ensure you follow the SOF mantra, “Slow is Smooth. Smooth is Fast.” Standard, “Bad for Running. Worse for Fighting” patches come standard.. But we know you’re going to do what you want with them anyway. You’re a Floperator.


MK-19 – Black

It’s 2019 and it’s time for an upgrade at Combat Flip Flops. Meet the newest high-tops built to go anywhere and do anything.

It’s like a ninja and a goat got together and created the lightest, stickiest, and minimalist athletic boot to fit your needs. Walk the streets, hike the trails, hit the gym, fling nunchucks… whatever you do, you’ll be stuck to the ground and supported at the ankles.


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  1. Griff says:

    Thanks for spreading the stoke!

    25% off first purchase and you get a free download of the Audiobook.