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Fissile Group x The Design Aggregate Announce Partnership

Alex Warburton is standing on top of a cliff. It’s 60 feet to the bottom and in between him and a safe landing are two giant snow covered pillows covered in at least a meter of snow. But he can’t see them. He can see the nose of his snowboard and the space that he would like to land a ride away and that’s all.

Down and to the side is Dano Pendygrasse. He just weaseled his way through a steep icy gap between a giant old growth cedar tree and the aforementioned cliff to gain a vantage point where he can take a picture. “IT GOES!” He yells. They exchange details in a verbal shorthand that would mean nothing to anyone who was listening.

A moment later Alex yells “DROPPING!” and points his board over the edge. He connects the snowy dots of the pillows and lands in the transition and rides away. Dano’s camera captures it all.

When you build trust in scenarios where injury or death are real possibilities, the rest comes easy.

Fissile Group and The Design Aggregate are proud to announce a strategic partnership. Over the last couple decades they have worked with brands like Adidas, Arc’teryx, Burton, Monster Energy, Rip Curl, and dozens more, and bring a deep endemic knowledge to design, brand development, and strategy. The award winning products, campaigns and content they have developed have had a global impact creating lasting impact for their clients.

“This collaboration increases capabilities of both camps and positions FG x TDA as a leading resource for clients looking for a connection to Outdoor and Action Sports markets in the Pacific Northwest.”

-Alex Warburton. Principal, The Design Aggregate

“It’s been very fulfilling to work with Alex and his team again after all these years. His experience in the space is impressive and The Design Aggregate process has been a natural fit with Fissile Group. We’re very excited about the work we’ve begun and look forward to taking on more interesting challenges.”

-Dano Pendygrasse. Founder, Fissile Group.

For inquiries please reach out to us by email or DM on your favourite social channel.


WITH OVER 30 YEARS of combined professional product design & development experience, The Design Aggregate team brings a smart, open & collaborative process to your organization. Our creativity is born straight out of our own passions, aspirations and lifestyles. We are the ever-evolving outdoors & action sport consumer consciousness, often initiating shifts and trends within the cultures themselves.

A number of our designs have re-written industry standards and thrust our clients to the forefront of their respective product categories.


Fissile Group was formed to build an apparel line for a client, from idea to consumer, including marketing strategy, apparel design, content development, and everything in between.  Since then we have focused heavily on early phase brand development and strategy. We primarily work with small to medium businesses to develop their brand from an idea or a product, to a strong foundation with a vision for growth.

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