Helix Tactical Linkits

DMM Linkits are compact, lightweight and versatile connecting elements. They are compatible with a wide range of DMM components such as Compact Shackles, Focus, Nexus and Directors using their double locking axles. They allow for very short connections which is ideal for height constrained situations and confined spaces.

Here we see the Linkit Y3 connected to the Titan Tapered Split Basket Stretcher.

3 Responses to “Helix Tactical Linkits”

  1. Airborne fister says:

    This would of been awesome to have when I was climbing and needed to have my portaledge needed to be re rigged with a two points to keep me and my wife tied in. What is the KN breaking strength and would a petzel connect adjust lanyard? It looks like in the pic they use it to level out the stretcher.

    • Airborne fister says:

      Also, how does one buy their gear. I can’t figure it out on their site!

      • Brigantes says:

        Hey Airborne,

        We are very pleased you are as enthusiastic about Helix products as we are. Are you military? We handle all military sales from the UK for Helix. Drop us an email at

        For any other enquiries you can find the contact details on the website of Helix Tactical at the bottom of the homepage.