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Hot Off The Press – TC 3-20.40, Training and Qualification, Individual Weapons

The Army has just published TC 3-20.40, Training and Qualification, Individual Weapons, dated 30 JUL 2019 to APD.

If you’re a Soldier, read it. One important note for everyone; you will require a barricade for the new qualification. A diagram is on page 99. Range Control will need to provide these. They received money to create them a while back. Only some installations have accomplished this task. Make sure yours does soon.

Thanks Ash!

17 Responses to “Hot Off The Press – TC 3-20.40, Training and Qualification, Individual Weapons”

  1. rob371 says:

    It’s finally happening…

  2. Kirk says:

    Regrettably, there is only a single page of the index in that .pdf… Quality control issue, or is it a non-legit copy?

    Fascinating to see that they’ve got a master gunner program going for small arms, though! It’s about damn time…

  3. Amer-Rican says:

    This is great news because our warfighters will be more effective as a result of this modernized training.

    The training movement originally started with military Veterans, and LE officers- people like Jeff Cooper, Jim Cirillo, Louis Awerbuck, Pat Rogers (RIP all), Pat Goodale, Clint Smith, Larry Mudgett (who are still instructing), and a little later with guys like Larry Vickers, Kyle Lamb, Paul Howe, Mike Pannone… And some of the national and world champion shooters also played a role- Rob Leatham, Jerry Miculek, Ron Avery…

    I know I missed a few names, but those are some of the people who built the training industry, which of course has many younger talents teaching great stuff as well.

  4. Brendan Fries says:

    This is a great step forward but I’ll be damned if any reserve/guard bases have these by next year.

    • Hodge175 says:

      I am in the PAARNG with the Stryker unit and we are planning to shoot it for our next qual. Some National Guard units are tracking better than others. But our state was involved with this new course of fire.

      • guardguy81 says:

        Yeah, we’ve got it set up and ready to rock here in Iowa. Great step forward indeed.

  5. Big_Juju says:

    What is the Active Army thinking?! Half of their force structure is in the Reserve Component and our access to pop-up ranges is really limited. To shoot ALT-C you have to get a GO’s signature. The trickle down between this and the new ACFT will be to ensure Reserve Component units don’t have time for any task beyond individual.

    • Ash Hess says:

      That’s not what your Bosses briefing the the TRADOC commander, The Chief of Staff and the Infantry School said. Same thing from TCM Ranges.
      This has been in the works for five years. The new qual course of fire got first approval nearly three years ago.
      Sounds like the disconnect is in between low level and high level RC leaders and not RC to Active.

  6. Bill Cherry says:

    That’s funny that this requirement was approved 5 years ago but TC 3-20.40 has a publish date of 30 Jul 2019. I work in Range Ops and I have yet to receive an ALARACT or any guidance from big Army on this requirement but from a SFC who found out about this requirement in a Face Book chat room. I am employed on a active army installation.

  7. Mitch McIntyre says:

    So, I was doing some light reading… Check page 197, the example soldier names… I’ll wait…

  8. Davey says:

    So… is this barrier reversible for left-handed shooters? This is fine for competition but I don’t think the Army should teach lefties to leave concealment / cover in order to fire.

  9. Pete says:

    Look at the M4/M16 standards and compare them side by side with the M249 Auto Rifleman standards. Exactly the same standards now. This should alleviate the different ranges that need to be conducted by allowing the range to be continually run on one single range. It’s funny – they’re actually treating the SAW as a true individual weapon.

  10. Jason says:

    So just found out about this update today and I am not finding the actual publication on APD anywhere.

  11. Chris says:

    So… the new TC is already MIA from Armypubs site.

    • Will says:

      New publication was pulled due to “insensitive material”. There were example qualification score cards in the TC with example Soldier last names like “boogaloo”, “cowabunga”, “second”, “amendment”, “rights”, “shall”, “not”, “be”, “infringed”, etc

      I loled