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Meet Särmä Jorma, The Hunting Suit

Something this cool could only come from our friends at Varusteleka Oy. Jorma is an ancient Finnish man’s name, pronounced with a strrrrong ‘r’. The English equivalent would be Dick or Johnson. This sums up the deal: straightforward, free of uselessness and solid as hell.

Completely rustle-free, silent and slightly resistant to rain (can be waxed for more water resistance).

The Jorma suit comprises of jacket and trousers, sold separately.

Offered in Finnish M05 Woodland or Bright Orange.

Designed in Finland, by hunters, for hunters.

One Response to “Meet Särmä Jorma, The Hunting Suit”

  1. qwerty says:

    I like a lot of stuff they make and sell, this is a very practical pattern and item. For sure interested.