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How To Fight Soviet Airmobile Operations

7 Responses to “How To Fight Soviet Airmobile Operations”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    I remember watching this in the gun bay.

  2. 32sbct says:

    That was really interesting to watch. It brought back a lot of memories. Based on all the steel pots this was probably filmed somewhere between 1983 and 1986. It was also interesting to see the longer hair styles and all the mustaches. That was a good snapshot of what the Army was training for back then. Thanks for posting.

    • Dave says:

      We need to bring back the hair and mustache standards so that guys stop looking like dorks; and training for WWIII.

  3. Sommerbiwak says:

    The M60 A2 in the intro! 😀

  4. Will Rodriguez says:

    A huge trip down memory lane.

    This was a very serious concern back then and I remember my BDE at times requiring a platoon from a subordinate BN be employed in a local security role. Division would take a company. The practice was much more common in the 3AD vs. the 101st (’85 – ’92) time frame.

    During a rotation as augmentee OPFOR at Hohenfels in ’90, I remember leading a squad of mechanics from my Infantry BN and doing the above mission. Trucks were used trucks to simulate the air movement. The Inf BN TOC got a warning and 10 minutes later was over run by my squad of mechanics. It was sobering for me the ease that we had in taking out the TOC and caused quite a bit of stiffening up our own security procedures.

    While the mechanics initially bitched about ground assault not being their mission (I volunteered them behind the scenes.) They absolutely loved it during execution and after. (They weren’t an Infantry squad but we kept it simple.) It later served as huge help in breaking the paradigm that mechanics don’t fight and that pulling security was a distractor from their task. I walked away from that job realizing that mechanics organic to combat arms units have one of the toughest and thankless jobs in the Army.

  5. Ray Forest says:

    Did this once by following a deuce and a half on foot as it drove up with dinner to the BN CP. Laid down by the road and waited for darkness. Then jumped up as it passed and walked right in on the back passengers side with a squad as they opened up the wire to let it in. We just burst out as soon as we were inside and ran right into the CP firing just like those guys. It was pretty funny to watch the this isn’t supposed to happen crowd stomping their feet and such. All I could think about while watching this was were is the Division Band? Are they not supposed to be there to save the day!