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Sneak Peek – Armor Training Plates From MD-Textil

Germany-based MD-Textil plans to offer a new armor training plate that beats the same old rubber coated steel that seems to flood the market.

Made in the UK, these multi-shape plates are SAPI cut (250 x 300mm) and weigh 3,2 kg per plate / 6,4 kg the pair. They feature 12mm thick neoprene coating and priced per set at 90 €.

8 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Armor Training Plates From MD-Textil”

  1. Capt M says:

    Very interesting. I’m currently using BeaverFit steel plates for training – same cut and weight but lacking the neoprene backer. Will definitely have to pick up a set of these in the near future.
    Eric, any line on a UK distributor?

  2. Michael A Pietrzak says:

    I’ve been running these in my Veritas plate carrier for about three months now. They are great. Love the thin layer of neoprene they put on the back as well as the contoured shape.

  3. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Ok help me out because I’m not understanding all this training plates and training plate carriers when you can buy the real stuff cheaper. I’m not trying to be an a>> what is it? What makes it better?

    • Capt M says:

      They’re meant for fitness and workouts, as a weight burden for strength training or to “train how you fight.”
      By training with training plates, you’re preparing yourself for real world situations where you’d be wearing real armour. You’re also avoiding the possibility of damaging expensive ceramic plates in workouts.


    my cheap ass just bought some fillable plastic plates off amazon and filled them with plaster of paris. added a few 1 lb. sand bags to bring it up to weight.